Monday, September 21, 2015

Hitach AI System

On September 4th, 2015, the Japanese company Hitachi announced the use of an Artificial 

Intelligence (AI) boss in a business setting. Hitachi stated that these new artificial intelligence devices 

"provide appropriate work orders based on an understanding of demand fluctuation and on-site kaizen 

activity derived from big data accumulated daily in corporate business systems, and its verification in 

logistics tasks by improving efficiency by 8%." ( "Kaizen" is a business strategy that is 

mostly common in Japan which focuses on the strive for self efficiency. There are three main features

 of the new artificial intelligence device by Hitachi. The first feature is the understanding of human 

ideas and the "kaizen", and translating this to work orders. This feature basically means that the AI 

analyzes various aspects of human life (weather, holidays, etc.) and provides a solution to work 

orders that would make the company more efficient. The second feature is that the AI automatically 

selects appropriate data from big data and responds to demand fluctuations. This feature of the AI 

connects with the constant demand of certain goods and provides a way of controlling the demand 

fluctuations. The third feature is that the new AI can quickly consume various forms of big data at 

any time. This essentially means that the AI can intake and categorize large amounts of data at 


What does this mean for business? The positive aspect of the artificial intelligence system is the 

increase of efficiency and organization within a business. The negative aspect of the new system is 

that the machines within a company would basically be controlling the company. If something goes 

wrong with an order, the company has to hold someone accountable. Another negative aspect of the

 AI system is that this new development in the company will take jobs away from many employees. 

In my opinion, I do not like the new system. Many jobs will be lost, but the new AI would make 

things more efficient. Some problems could rise from the new technology. If the AI system fails or 

shuts down during a blackout, the company could panic and work slower. In conclusion, the artificial 

intelligence built by Hitachi is an amazing advancement and will eventually change the business 


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