Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Jessica Grasso  

Just yesterday, Apple Music and Burberry, decided to team up to fuse the music and fashion industry. Burberry is the first fashion brand to have a channel on Apple Music. This collaboration will shed light on British performers to a broader audience, better market Burberry products, allow Apple to become more competitive in the music streaming industry, and enable Apple to interact with the fashion world more directly.
At first, I was confused by this merge, but after reading more, I realized that it is a brilliant marketing idea for Apple Music, Burberry and the artists involved. With the creation of the new Apple Watch, the technology and fashion industry have already begun to intertwine. Apple has partnered with high fashion companies in the past to design new accessories for various apple products making the logic behind this relationship clearer.
Burberry has been engaging with the music industry for years through live performances at runway shows and Burberry Acoustic, a website which houses videos of only British bands wearing Burberry products. Burberry Acoustic combines fashion and music to convince customers that the clothing, like the music, is vogue. Their new affiliation with Apple Music will expand their audience so Burberry can better sell to a broader group of customers and better promote both famous and up and coming British bands. I am interested to see if the channel expands its music wardrobe as the channel gains popularity.
This merge is a gateway to combining the world of fashion and music. It will support Apple as a competitor with other music streaming companies, like Spotify and Pandora, and immerse Apple further into the world of fashion. This new idea differentiates the company from its competitors, as there hasn’t been anything like this combination in the music industry so far. Now, customers have new criteria to consider when deciding which music retailer to subscribe to. The channel will be unveiled through video footage of the Burberry Women’s Wear show later this month where British artists will perform. This grand showing is a perfect way to show how the two industries blend cohesively together.
            Although this article was informative, I found it overlooked the explanation of what Apple Music actually is. In order for me to fully understand the idea, I did extra research by reading other articles and visiting https://www.apple.com/music/. I also felt the article didn’t emphasize how this partnership will benefit Burberry’s sales. By teaming up with Apple and introducing its name at the forefront of the music streaming industry, Burberry is expanding its market tremendously. Lastly, the benefit to the underground British artists is enormous as the talent from the U.K. is now being broadcasted on a more global network.
            I am interested to see which other brands partner with Apple Music to create their own channels, and how competitors, like Spotify and Pandora, respond. Lastly, I wonder if Apple will create more fashion forward products, like their watch, to expand their empire even more.


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