Monday, September 21, 2015

From EyeEm, Technology to See and Tag Photos

On September 18, 2015, a German start-up company, EyeEm, released the latest innovation in terms of photography on the Internet.  Their newly developed technology is called EyeVision and the company claims it “scans images and tags them with certain keywords which makes them easier to find through web searches.”  Investors in EyeEm believe that simplifying photo searching could be applied to various industries.  Although this program needs a few tweaks to perfect it, EyeEm is definitely onto something revolutionary.

In today’s society everyone is posting, tagging, and sharing pictures on social media for just about everything they do.  Instagram, for example, is probably the most popular image sharing server currently on the market.  They use hashtags to follow all of the images that are using the same tag to describe their photo.  This new development, EyeVision, however will revolutionize the way people tag and share their photos.  By having this software automatically scan and tag and image, the user may have their images come up in categories they might not have thought of on their own.  That’s where this software would be a great tool for business owners.

EyeVision can help businesses tremendously in advertising and marketing.  This software will eventually develop geotagging capabilities, which will allow users to see where the business is located just from a photo they saw on the Internet.  It can benefit businesses by bringing in new customers and keeping current customers up to date on what is happening within the business, if any new products are available, or if they are expanding to a new location.  Today being present on the Internet is a must when it comes to generating profits.  I believe that since society has become so focused on posting images of their everyday lives, this can definitely contribute to generating profits.  For example, if someone goes into a small coffee shop and posts an image of their coffee or sandwich they ate from their that day, the business would be tagged as well as multiple other tags that relate to coffee shops and in that particular geographic location.  Images are slowing changing how we share our lives and our personalities with the world, and overall I think this software is worth the time and effort to perfect because it can benefit not only users and how they share their images, but businesses and their profitability as well.

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