Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sunny Delight Beverages Company Gets Innovative

            Sunny Delight Beverages Company has chosen startup company Birst to minimize the amount of data analytic operation systems used in the company. The firm downsized from 8 different business intelligence applications to one single version of the truth.  This has resulted in reducing overtime costs of production noticeably; moreover, Sunny Delight Beverages Company now hopes to focus Birst’s cloud solutions towards sales (Boulton). This post will highlight promising aspects of Sunny Delight Beverages Company and three considerations.
                One major point of the article by Clint Boulton is the profit. With the help of Birst, Sunny Delight Beverages Company was able to see a broader picture of the company’s operations. In that vantage point, they saw instances where employees had to work overtime on the weekends in order to complete shipments that happened to be more costly over the weekends. Birst was able to find this weakness; moreover, they highlighted it as an opportunity for improvements. Another major point is the accessibility of the Birst application to “business managers with little technical know-how” (Boulton). The decision made by Sunny Delight Beverages Company to choose Birst is a key factor in their success. They chose a company founded by a man whose aim is quoted as providing a well-rounded mastered product. “We are not trying to make BI simpler, or dumb it down, or just do a piece of it, but do the whole thing, do it right, and bring automation to it to make it a lot more productive” (Peters). While the system was highly advanced in data operations, the system also produced quick results for front end users. Lastly, the adaptability and amorphous quality of the system is another highlight of the article.  Sunny Delight Beverages Company recouped costs on transportation, next they look to find opportunities to improve sales. 
                Still, there are points emphasized in the article that readers should note and understand. One, Business Intelligence analytics systems are not always amorphous, and many companies are still behind in consolidating technologies to advance business operations. Secondly, companies like Sunny Delight Beverages Company are still in the process of switching over to edgier and more complete tech systems resulting in redundancies that disguise problems.  Contrastingly, one factor of success lies in the utilization of the product; it does not lay in having an application that does not match the company’s width and depth operationally.  Lastly, the importance of the front end experience should be noted; both Boulton and the chairman of the analytics operation both mentioned the user experience. In this regard, readers should consider when technology is too advanced for a user, when a user is operationally too advanced for the technology it uses, and when is the right time for the user to make a switch to a new technology.   

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