Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Wearable Tech Being Utilized to Revolutionize Health and Benefit Physicians

            Wearable tech is everywhere. From Fitbits, to Nike fuel bands, they are everywhere and are used on on a daily basis by most Americans. Americans constantly check these devices for their progress on the day in steps, calories burned, etc. When polled, a majority of doctors stated their complaints about patients involved adhering to prescriptions, and further suggestions. In a recent interview, Yves Behar, the founder of Fuseproject, stated he would like to improve this problem by furthering the development of wearable tech. Although wearable tech is still in its early stages, it seems to have a promising future.
             When talking about wearable tech, one implication that always must be considered is if the patient would wear his/her device, whatever it may be. Although the wearable tech industry is currently booming with consumers buying Fitbits, Nike Fuelbands, and iWatches, one statistic stands about among these devices. A 2014 study found that over half of consumers no longer use their devices, and one third of people stopped using their devices within sic months of purchasing them. Regardless of the possible benefits to health wearable tech brings, it is essential for patients to be wearing their devices. The purpose of this future product is to fix the problem of patients not adhering to prescriptions. If patients do not wear the device, then there is no reason to develop this technology because it simply will not be utilized.
            When considering the possible benefits of wearable tech in health, one of the first things that comes to the consumers’ mind would be a Fitbit or Nike Fuelband. These two devices main purposes are to count steps, and calories burned. This article discusses one of the possible features for wearable tech serving as a heart monitor so physicians could easily point things out. This is effective because patients are not in a doctor’s office for a long time. If a patient is given a device that monitors his/her heart rate throughout the day, the physician would be able to notice any anomalies by simply checking the device.
            Although there is the problem of the patient wearing the device, there are also benefits to the wearer.  Besides the benefits the device has for recording heart rate and other possible things, studies show that wearers of these devices not only exercised more, but they also enjoyed their exercise, and were more motivated to exercise. This comes from simply wearing the device and checking your steps for the day. When someone sees they have not yet reached their goals of steps for the day, they decide to go for a run. If consumers wear these bands, there are many benefits to them.
            In conclusion, wearable tech is a relatively new technology. Right now, its most popular devices are the Fitbit, Nike Fuelband, and iWatch. However, if wearable tech develops, it can be used in many ways for health purposes. The implementation of health to wearable tech would revolutionize health and how doctors deal with their patients.

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