Thursday, October 1, 2015

3D Technology to Improve Posture

This article is about a new Swedish start-up company that is aiming to advance technology to help track down problems in peoples’ posture. What many people don’t realize is that good posture is important to have because it means that the muscles, bones, and joints are all aligned so that the body can work naturally and healthily. The company called Quick Posture is introducing biometrics algorithms and sensor technology to analyze movements to and point out any potential problems in the body.
            The Wall Street Journal states that chronic pain caused by bad posture affects around 100 million adults in the U.S. alone. If this software is successful, it can help these 100 million adults and prevent future problems for potential posture problems. Introducing this new technology will impact consumers because it aids patients and doctors to spot any problems with their posture.
This new technology can enhance the lives of people all around the world. They plan to design the technology so that it can be used with Kinect 2 by Microsoft for only $199. Not only will it reach a broader spectrum of people, it is affordable and will also help increase the sales of Kinect 2s. Another reason why this will have a positive impact on consumers’ lives is that it is less expensive than getting an MRI or X-ray. This will also help physicians because it creates a simple 3D image report that can be analyzed to treat patients in a timelier manner. The only downside to the project is that it will reduce the number of MRI and X-ray screenings and with the prevention of back problems, a decline in the demand for Chiropractors.
I think that this new technology is respectable for our society because of the many benefits it brings. I know that if I have ever feel like I am having any back or posture issues but do not want to see a doctor because it is too expensive, I would invest in Quick Posture’s new 3D screening. Like many other people, I would be more than happy to invest in a software that will prevent any further health issues in my older age. With the high number of people with health problems caused by bad posture, this 3D screening is a worthy introduction to our society to prevent this problem.

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  1. I agree that it is a good idea to make the 3D screening an affordable and readily available product for many to have. However, I do not really see this product reducing the number of chiropractors, or the number of MRI’s and X-rays.
    While I understand what you are alluding to, the fact is that this screening is only the diagnosis of your bad posture. Maybe with the kinect 2 from Microsoft there could be a video game that could help improve posture, but I feel like the diagnosis of bad posture would actually lead to the growth of chiropractic use. More people would seek out a professional to help change their posture. As for the MRI’s and X-rays, they are both very important and cannot be substituted by the 3D screening process. Again I think that this screening would encourage more people to see a doctor or be willing to pay for the MRI after the initial diagnosis of the 3D screening.
    My final point is that people may also not be as willing to buy this new product because $199 dollars is not a lot of money for some, but for others is a lot. For the ones that it is not a lot of money, I feel like they are the ones that can afford the MRI in the first place. I think that this technology is a step in the right direction to making these services available to more people, but it needs to go back to the drawing board at the moment to be able to maximize its profit, as well as maximize the utility of their product.


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