Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Cloud Computing Technology Emerging

Well apparently Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have reported higher earnings which are attributed to their Could Computing based technology[1] Cloud Computing initially thought to be a short phase has submerged into the latest technology.  This technology is like a rent a computer type of technology that allow you to use the large data sources from these companies to perform jobs that would otherwise cost more money to do and take up substantial time.  Amazon was one of the developing companies promoting cloud computing back in 2002 called Amazon Web Services, (AWS).  AWS provided a cloud based services including storage, computation and even human intelligence though the Amazon Mechanical Turk. As Web 2.0 advanced Google, now Alphabet Inc.[2] and joined in on to offer browser-based application through services like Google Apps and Microsoft with Office 365.
I can understand why this is so rapidly growing especially with so many entrepreneurs out here needing somewhere to process data and store information without having to spend an abundance of capital on equipment.  A start-up business would absolutely benefit from this technology and as they advance, the can consider investing in servers to process their information.  Another reason this is blowing up is because you have many companies blocking a plethora of web mail service providers and other information to protect their servers which could cause a barrier for individuals that work at home.  Most companies will sanction information to be sent out but it will block access to retrieve information from those web email addresses.  Cloud computing gives you this access at all times in addition to a central location accessible from any web browser to all documents. 

This new technology is proving to be not just profitable but it allows resources to be used that would otherwise sit idle.  It makes sense good business sense to rent out space on servers, especially during downtime when an organization doesn't require the use of that space.  As a business person one should at all times, find ways to maximize returns or it doesn't make sense to be in business at all.  I absolutely see this continuing to grow in the future but hope that it doesn’t get too crowded out there in the Cloud.  Everyone trying to join in on the band wagon and we all know what happens when there are too many peas in the pot. 

[2] New Name for Google announced this year

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