Thursday, October 29, 2015

Dasheroo: The Dashboard of Dashboards

As the saying goes, knowledge is power, and in today’s corporate world knowledge comes in the form of acquiring as much data as you possibly can and analyzing it effectively. Dasheroo is a startup web app that offers a highly customizable dashboard interface comprised of numerous widely-adopted data analytics applications. Dasheroo is highly beneficial to businesses because it helps one make educated business decisions with the help of seeing all the data that a business has acquired through various services in a centralized location. (Source:

Dasheroo helps you design your dashboard using pre-made templates that can be customized. The information collected and analyzed from a variety of sources and is displayed in “insights.” These insights can easily be shared with other members of your team, which reaps great benefits in terms of exposure to more data. The dashboard is customized to ones needs, so for example, marketing teams would have insights Google Analytics, Adsense, Facebook, Twitter, etc. at the forefront of the dashboard, whereas the Sales team would have salesforce and similar apps at the front.

Perhaps Dasheroo’s most essential feature is called “mashups”, a service that generates data and graphs using analytics from different, yet related services. For example, it will group people who “liked” a Facebook page with Twitter followers to see trends across social medias. This is beneficial to businesses because it allows one to view the business’ data analytics from a broader perspective. It also saves valuable time from flipping between different analytics accounts to try to spot trends between data sets.

Finally, another one of Dasheroo’s benefits is its reasonable price point. For $25 per month, an unlimited number of users can access a limited number of Dashboards and Insights to get a taste of Dasheroo, then for $75 you receive unlimited dashboards and all of the 60+ insights that Dasheroo currently offers. This is nice for businesses who want to try out Dasheroo to see if it fits their data mining needs.

This article provided a description of Dasheroo’s functions, but failed to mention Dasheroo competitors, which do exist, as per a google search. Cyfe is one alternative that offers a mobile app that is missing from Dasheroo. Additionally, Klipfolio offers a clean and sophisticated web app very similar to Dasheroo.

Of course, the principle of these varying services are the same: put the data in one place and analyze as much data as possible. Businesses are at a disadvantage if they are not using sophisticated data analytics that their competitors are. Overall, data is becoming an overpowering force in the corporate world, and these solutions make analyzing centralized data easier than ever.

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