Sunday, October 25, 2015

Google Executive calls for reform in online advertisements

The recent release of ad blocking technology on mobile phones may seem like a good idea, but Google thinks otherwise. Sridhar Ramaswamy, Google ads’ SVP, believes that although this ad blocking software should worry Google, it should also force ad creators to reflect on their advertisements and improve on them to eradicate the need of ad blocking software altogether.
Apple’s recent software update now allows for iPhones and iPads to install ad blocking software. This is the first time ad blocking technology has been used on a mobile device. Although iPad and iPhone users will be very pleased with the ability to block ads, this may prove to be a problem for companies such as Google. Google makes a lot of money from its advertisements. However, if users are able to block ads, then Google has the potential to lose a lot of money because of this new update.
However, although Sridhar Ramaswamy made it known that Google stands to lose a lot of money because of this, he saw it as a reason for all companies that create ads to reflect on their ads and improve them. Most of the reason why people find themselves installing ad blockers is because they have had a bad experience with an ad. This may come from an ad blocking an article someone wants to read, or not being able to close an ad. If problems like these are stopped, then people will not have to get ad blockers in the first place. Ramaswamy would like for there to be a criterion that would decide whether an ad was acceptable or not. If this happened, then ad blocking would be fine, and only obnoxious ads would be blocked.
Personally, as a consumer that uses the internet on a daily basis, I see internet ads everyday. Although I do not use an ad blocker, I understand why anyone would download one. Although most of the ads I see online are regular ads, some ads can either take up too much space on a webpage, or occasionally, when I am reading an article, an ad will show up, and it is difficult to find where to close the ad. Ads like this frustrate many internet users, and push them to download ad blocking software. I believe that Ramaswamy’s call to action for all advertising companies is a good one because it will not only help regulate the ads we see on a daily basis, but these ads will help us as consumers as well.
In conclusion, Apple’s most recent update allowing ad blockers may first seem like a problem for Google’s revenue. However, Google is responding actively by proposing for change in advertisements. This change of pace for advertisements will help make ads acceptable, which will take away the current need for ad blockers among consumers today. Although I do not use ad blockers, I think this advertising reform will help internet users browse, as well as purchase with ease.

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