Monday, October 5, 2015

IT In a New Direction: The Game of Golf

                  Information Technology is making a significant presence in an industry I previously wouldn’t have expected. IT has found its way into the world of golf and the Professional Golf Association (PGA Tour) is taking full advantage of its benefits to improve the game so many people love to be a part of.  The typical golf player might not recognize how IT could be impacting the way they play, but behind the scenes IT allows for an overall enhanced experience in multiple ways.  The use of Wi-Fi, GPS, and LED screens are making this all possible. 
Ever wonder how golf courses manage the large areas of land they occupy?  Between cutting and watering grass for maintenance alone, there is a lot of work to be done.  One golf resort in Miami decided to connect “a new irrigation system to the resort’s IP network, allowing the grounds staff to centrally manage the watering schedule” (BizTech).  By having an automated type of system, it makes management a whole lot easier.  The only negative here is if everything is hooked up to a single network system and it crashes, it isn’t easy to recover and get things up and running quickly.  The resort’s director of IT discussed how it is even possible to change these settings from wherever you are, whether you are at home or on the road.  This is crucial for golf’s biggest enemy: the weather.  Weather can kill or make your day out on the course, so IT can be a huge factor in allowing people to make management decisions.  Keep in mind, you need properly working Wi-Fi or a cellular connection to do so.  
GPS systems and LED screens are also being used to improve the golf experience.  Resort’s are able to keep track of where every cart out on the course is since they can be connected to Wi-Fi and cellular networks.  This can be a huge help in terms of keeping groups separated from each other so that the course runs smoothly and players don’t get backed up.  The LED screens installed on carts are used to communicate between players and the resort.  From being able to notify players about incoming weather, to ordering food, or to display a map of the upcoming hole, an LED screen utilizes text-message alerts and graphics to make your golf experience more satisfying.  Again, this technology is dependent upon the the connectivity of the Wi-Fi and cellular networks
The PGA tour has also taken the Wi-Fi application a step further for its big, sponsored events.  Essentially, by setting up several Wi-Fi access points for all the fans in attendance everyone there can be connected to basically everything going on at the tournament.  This includes scores, pictures, and events/food/drinks provided at the venues.  
In conclusion, the business aspect of golf is drastically changing because of IT.  Technology such as Wi-Fi, GPS systems, and LED screens are making things more efficient and user friendly for both the business and personal user. 


Multi-Media of IT in Action-- GPS system on Golf Cart: 

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  1. Although IT is very useful in almost everything, I don’t think that it will have a significant enough effect in the game of Golf to the point where it will be implicated in golf courses around the U.S. Sure it seems it would help people find holes much easier and provide solid services for technology usage, but most people enjoy the casual cruising around and running into an interesting course. Usually when people go golfing its to relax and get away from the use of their technology now with this it will only bring them back into the life they needed a break from. Also communication between carts has been easy and successful over time so why change now? it would just be a minor improvement at a major cost. The only upside I see for the IT in carts would be Cart tracking in which It would involve a reduction in expenses because it would allow the golf course employer to rid of employers whom patrol the courses and end up saving money in the long run.


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