Thursday, October 1, 2015

Tesla's Autopilot

Tesla’s Autopilot

Tesla is by far the biggest, most lucrative company when it comes to creating electric cars.  Tesla’s newest advancement to the automotive industry is an autopilot feature on their Model S vehicle.  This autopilot function will revolutionize driving as we know it and will set the bar high for any other companies trying to develop electric cars.  Tesla has been working on their autopilot function for a very long time, and they seem to be on the verge of finishing up this revolutionary project.  CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk believes that they will have their autopilot up and running by October. Personally, I wonder how Tesla would be able to keep their cars from swerving into other lanes and going out of control while in autopilot mode. “Describing the system in March, Musk said it relied on ultrasonic sensors that cover the area around the car to a distance of about 5 meters, as well as a forward camera and radar” (

                  Tesla believes that this new state of the art technology is going to bring their company above and beyond. They see it as a great opportunity to increase revenue in their business, and provide their consumers with yet another amazing feature.  It is honestly incredible what they have been able to accomplish with their electric cars in a short amount of time. I think that the autopilot function of Tesla’s cars can be seen as “cruise control on steroids.” Radars and ultrasonic sensors are the type of technology that planes have had for years now and Tesla strongly believes that they have the means to bring the autopilot function down onto the ground.  When speaking about this autopilot function, Drew Phillips states, “It can attempt to keep the car in its lane and keep a set distance between the Model S and the car in front by braking and accelerating when appropriate” (AutoBlog).  Having autopilot in cars could potentially prevent so many accidents, and save tons of lives.

                  Personally, I think that having an autopilot function in cars is a bad idea.  It is not the sky, and cars travel much closer to one another than planes do.  Especially with Tesla’s cars being electric, I feel that having an autopilot function could be a huge problem in terms of being hacked.  There are hackers everywhere nowadays, and I believe that if cars are on autopilot, they are vulnerable to getting hacked.  If hacked into, drivers will completely lose control of their cars and could be taken anywhere on the road.  Above all, I believe that no machine or program can compare to the instincts of a person behind the wheel. I would not feel safe having a car on autopilot when there is inclement weather, or while traveling at fast speeds.  While I do think that having autopilot will increase the revenue of Tesla, I would never take part in it myself.

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  1. You make good points about why autopilot is a bad idea. By law, we require people to get a driver's license, so our roads are safe. If cars have an autopilot function, I think people will make riskier decisions. Some people that don't have licenses will think they can get on the road because their cars can drive themselves. There will also be more multi-tasking and people won't be as aware of the road. This is a scary thought because it seems that technology has taken over our lives, and we will end up depending on it to do every simple task.


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