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T-Mobile Cellspot

IMAGE DISTRIBUTED FOR T-MOBILE - A T-Mobile skywriter flies over Verizon’s headquarters in Basking Ridge, NJ, Monday, Oct. 26, 2015, sending a message on behalf of consumers to abolish overages in the wireless industry. Last year alone, AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint charged $1.5 billion in overage penalties from their customers, and over 325,000 people signed T-Mobile President and CEO John Legere’s petition to abolish overages. (Diane Bondareff/AP Images for T-Mobile)

T-Mobile Cellspot

Grant Pia
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T-mobile is a telecommunications company that was founded in December 1999. T-mobile is one of the most popular telecommunications company in the world. Some of it's competitors include AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. This is all pretty common knowledge, but something you might not have heard about is the new T-mobile 4G LTE Cellspot. On November 1st, 2015, T-mobile announced that the new "Cellspot" was availible to customers. The new "Cellspot" isa 4G LTE mini-tower that is available from any U.S. wireless provider. This new 4G LTE mini-tower is described as a 4G LTE network mini tower with a low power setting for inside a home or office building. The mini-tower provides "full bars" T-mobile 4G LTE coverage over around 3000 square feet. Basically, the "Cellspot" is your own network anywhere you need it. T-mobile says that the new Cellspot system would be free to any T-mobile customer. The only fee required is a 25 dollar deposit. Seems too good to be true. 
The Cellspot measures 8.5 inches tall by 8.5 inches wide and 1.3 inches thick. It is about the same size as a router and is designed to operate as a plug it in and go type of device. To set up the Cellspot, you just plug it in connect to your network and that's it. Essentially, T-mobile is putting to power in the hands of the customers. It is up to the customers to improve the network. This new network enhancer is ideal for small businesses who want to improve cell service to employees or visitors without having to rely on wifi username and passwords. 
What does this mean for businesses? T-mobile, as well as other networks, have dead zones, or areas without network connection. This possible improvement in network connection in a business building can increase productivity. The T-mobile Cellspot can take about 16 phone calls at a single time. If everything goes smoothly with T-mobile's new "Cellspot", you could expect a higher productivity in smaller businesses and possibly even a higher customer satisfaction for your small business. 



  1. Although this sounds like a miracle waiting to happen i see a lot of issues with this new " cellspot" device. For starters t-mobile has 50 million subscribers now so if this device is free and complimentary to their customers, this company should be looking forward to delivering at least 30 million devices in expectance that every customer will take advantage of this oppurtunity. Is T-mobile willing to donate all of this because there is no gain in this situation.Also since there isn't any password or username being required how many people can be on this one hot spot at a time? will it slow down due to more members or will it still operate at the same speeds with the same signal strength that they are promising? being that its open for purchase by anyone Can the customers of ATT and Verizon join these "cellspots"while still being connected to their own provider? i just don't think this will be successful in the eyes of everyday customers but for the small businesses i do believe there is potential in there and they should target those exact markets.

  2. I believe the main advantage T-Mobile gains from this technology is the new customers it will draw as a result. One of the most common knocks on T-Mobile has been their service coverage. They have struggled to cover as much of the US as their competitors Verizon and AT&T, with far more dead zones than either. This new technology directly combats that issue and it will be free to “eligible Simple Choice customers.” This means anyone who signs up for T-Mobile will have maximum signal strength anywhere they are able to set up the network. All customers who are subject to blackouts now have a huge incentive to join T-Mobile. This is a major advantage and, though their competitors are likely soon to come out with a similar device, it will likely draw many potential new customers to T-Mobile.


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