Monday, February 22, 2016

Apache Arrow aims to accelerate analytical workloads
This article examines the new product developed by the Apache Software Foundation called Apache Arrow. This new product has the ability to handle big data at a much higher capacity. In addition, this new product allows for much faster processing and better communication between data sets. This product uses the restructuring of big data into more layered groupings allowing it to handle more data at a faster rate. Developers expect for this product to become more universal in the big data world allowing for much better communication and data processing between users. They hope that this new product becomes the “industry-standard” allowing for unparalleled data processing and sharing (Thor Olavsrud). This product’s ability to use columnar processing enables it to limit the need for serialization and deserialization creating a much better data processor that is appealing to many users of big data.
            This new product can be very useful for many big data users in the business world. This development allows for one sole data processor to be the control center for all big data processing. This product can provide the standard allowing for quicker and much more efficient data mining and managing. In addition, it would allow for easier communication between different data sets since each one would work with and through this new product. Many companies have already begun the move over to this product in belief that it will become the industry standard that it promises to be. Creating this standard is essential to make data communications up to one hundred times faster then any other previous data processing method. This improved data management system will allow for businesses to make smarter decisions while saving time and money.
            This system can become universal and widely used in the business world of data management. However if this new system becomes the standard of big data processing, it could pose a problem if it were to fail. The collapse of this data processing system could damage the communication, storage, and organization of big data for many users. This could be potentially very damaging to users who rely on databases to perform business transactions and decisions.
I believe that this new database processor is great system for businesses to utilize to optimize their performance. I believe it can be used to make better and safer decisions concerning future outlooks for businesses. I think it can become the new industry standard allowing for widespread high-speed data processing for many users. Furthermore, this faster rate of processing data could become essential for businesses to get a head start on creating better risk management or creating new revenue outlooks. However the possibility of this becoming the industry standard concerns me because if the system were to crash, many users that rely on it to make valuable decisions could be potentially damaged. Nevertheless, I think that this new product has the potential to change the big data world for the better.

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