Tuesday, February 23, 2016

ASUS Entering Tablet Business Software Solutions

Asus, the multinational computer hardware and electronics company, has been in professional and consumer electronics for a long time, ranging almost every spectrum of hardware, but the release of  the ZenPad M marks a new target market for them. This new tablet will be there first venture into tablets specifically for business. The tablet will come in 7 and 10 inch models with top of the line hardware, but this isn't the most notable part of the release. The ZenPad M also marks the release of ADAM (Asus Device Admon for Mobile) their management software.
ADAM offers a solution to business security with tablets. As tablets are becoming more and more prevalent in not only consumer, but also the business world, companies large and small need solutions for management and security. Right now ADAM direct competitors will be Samsung and Apple the article states. ADAM will be the second tablet management software on Android, joining Samsung’s enterprise security software Knox, and Apple’s the iPad Pro. ADAM may be a great third option for companies for a couple of reasons. Because of Android’s open source nature, some companies are weary to use Android across their businesses so they opt to go with Apple. This strength Apple however is also its downfall, restricting iOS business apps and features. ADAM also will offer more features than Knox which mainly focuses just on security. Asus is aiming to shift the tendency of placing Android second behind iOS and offer business solutions of a wide range.
The ASUS ADAM system allows for management of devices remotely, or locally. WHat this means is that system integrators and independent software vendors will be able to control all compatible tablets in the company's fleet from anywhere. This will allow them to execute end-to-end solutions, or even restrict actions or enter a tablet into kiosk mode, which locks in into a single app to minimize disruptions ADAM also will allow for an easy transition for new hardware because a company's profile of apps built can be uploaded on any new tablet and sync it from a server very easily.
ADAM also allows for remote locking or wiping of lost or stolen devices to secure any sensitive data, and can access the tablets cameras to help see who took it, and can even send these images to law enforcement
Specifications are still unknown which may cause some hesitation, however I do not think this is anything to worry about. Asus is known for their high quality products, and past tablets have some top of the industries standards. Their high end tablet for personal use right now, the ZenPad S houses leading hardware. Taking this into consideration and the fact that they will certainly want to make an impression with the M to try and beat out existing customers, the ZenPad M will most likely be very competitive on the hardware side of things.
ASUS’s release will create a perfect solution to companies operations, data, and securities issues in a workplace where tablets smartphones becoming so prevalent.


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