Sunday, February 21, 2016

Biometric Technology used for Online Banking

          HSBC banking is taking a huge step towards biometric banking in the United Kingdom. Barclay banking has recently introduced voice recognition software to certain clients to test out while RBS and Natwest have offer finger print technology within the last year. HSBC is soon introducing their own form of voice recognition and touch security services before Atom Bank will soon allow its customers to log in via a face recognition system.

          This new software is so mobile banking customers will no longer be required to remember a password and security questions such as places and dates to access their accounts. I think this is a good idea because as a current customer who uses online banking now, I always have to write down all my passwords and my security answers to remember them. I believe it takes up too much time and sometimes when I am on a time crunch it takes longer than it should to put in the security questions when all I want to know is the amount in my account. Nuance Communications, the company supplying the biometrics technology, is cross-checking over 100 unique identifiers for the voice biometrics technology. I think this is very important because it will insure customer safety and security. Another useful point in this article is that even if you are sick and your voice changes, you will still be able to use the voice technology. I think it was very smart of them to think of this because people still need access to their accounts while they are sick.

          Although this article covers a lot there are still some things that were overlooked or could be looked at more closely. One thing I would like to know is how they plan to store all these voice recognitions and touch ID files in a way that nobody could easily hack and steal easy access to the costumer’s accounts. I know an iPhone keeps its stored fingerprints in the encrypted section of the phone so will that be the case with this new technology. Also there is technology that can imitate a voice or recreate a fingerprint so is there any way this new technology can tell the difference between a fake and the real thing. Another thing this article overlooked is if this would cost extra considering it is a more advanced form of security. Considering Barclay banking only allows high paying corporations to use their voice recognition system I think the consumer would like to know if they are being charged more to ensure nobody has access to their money. 

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