Sunday, February 21, 2016

Carilion Wellness using technology to get people healthier

Carilion Wellness using technology to get people healthier

Health and fitness is becoming a mainstream issues in today’s society. Nearly one third of Americans are obese, creating a multi-billion dollar industry that aims to provide a solution to America’s health crisis. Carilion Wellness, a small health and wellness company in Virginia is using a revolutionary technology to help tackled the health crisis. The “InBody” is full body scan that analyzes one’s overall health and fitness levels. The three critical elements “InBody” utilizes to benefit their business and society is the helpfulness to the individual undergoing to scan, the affordability and accessibility of the scan, and the injury recovery aspect. “InBody” scanning breaks down critical aspects of one’s health, thus providing results that enable to individual to target specific areas that need improvement. The scan measure numerous areas such as “body composition, lean segmental analysis, skeletal muscle analysis, body fat total muscle.” With these results, healthcare professionals and trainers will also be more informed about one’s exact health levels and therefore be able to develop a more catered health plan. Dr. Priscilla Tu explains that not only does it let you know if you have to lose fat it lets you know “what type of fat and what's the best way of doing that?” The technology is also revolutionizing how athletes train and recover from injury. If and athlete suffers an injury and needs physical therapy the “InBody” scan can “continue to monitor them and their progress” and let the athlete know how exactly the injury recovery process is coming along. By providing this technologically advanced service, Carilion is simultaneously providing society with a much needed solution to health and fitness problems like obesity, and what is even more incredible is how incredibly inexpensive the service costs. The initial scan costs $10 and any follow up scan is only $5. This makes it easy and accessible to anyone looking to learn about or improve their health. Though the article was clear, concise, and most importantly interesting, it failed to acknowledge the price of an “InBody” scanner or how costly operating the scanner is which can make a significant difference when considering investing in one. The article could have incorporated certain statistics that indicate how successful the scanner is at informing users of their fitness. Lastly, I would like to know a little more about how the device actually works. Overall, the incorporation of such an advanced technology into the health and fitness world will only help with the current health problems many people are facing and owning a device as technologically advanced as the “InBody” scanner will only help other businesses in the health and fitness field.

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  1. This sounds like a really interesting technology that people of any health level could benefit from! This is a great step forward in allowing people to see how healthy and fit they are. I think that by having a scan like this done and seeing where you stand, it could really help motivate people to make healthier life choices. It could be used by those struggling with obesity to gain some insight into their health and to help them get started on losing weight. It also sounds helpful for athletes to be able to track how the injury recovery process is coming along. It would be neat if in the future this type of body scanner was easily accessible for people to test and see where they stand. Do you have to buy an "InBody" scanner, or do you go somewhere and have a scan done? How common are these scanners? It is really surprising to me that each scan could cost only $10 because it sounds like expensive technology! It would be interesting to see a body scan of someone and then see a comparison scan a couple weeks later after following either a diet plan or work out plan, if not both, and see how their health changes.


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