Monday, February 22, 2016

Edward Houseworth Fiber Optic Cables

Recently, serious developments have been coming to high speed Internet. Quintillion, a company based out of Ireland, that is a leading technology company, has been making progress with expanding the abilities of fiber optic cable. Quintillion is attempting to bring fiber optic cables to multiple areas including Western Alaska, Kotzebue, Point Hope, Wainwright, Barrow, and Prudhoe. These will all be connected on a major cable running from England to Japan. Quintillion predicts that they will be able to obtain this by 2017. This cable will be able to connect parts of the world at light speed like never before. Also it will bring Internet to places that previously had very bad or no connection at all. This fiber optic cable has huge business, societal and personal implication.
            The business impactions are astronomical. Companies from all around the world will be able to connect at speeds like never before. This is going to help larger companies that need to contact suppliers outside of the country to make sure they always have enough products for their demands. They will be able to minimize production time and maximize their sales. Also it will help companies reach people that previously were not able to connect to these companies. It will help improve small businesses ability in gaining a wider customer field.
            The fiber optic cable has huge societal and personal implication. This will help people living in less technically advance areas connect to the Internet. This has the possibilities to improve education and expand economic growth. Cultures will be able to integrate easier. This will increase everyone’s education level.
            However, there are a few unavoidable problems with fiber optic cables. The length of these cables is being expanded to levels that have previously never been done. If there is any bending, twisting, or winding of the cable, which is likely because of its range, it could cause permanent damage. Also depending on where it is on the cord it could affect a lot of people’s connection to work and other import responsibilities. Overall, the cable needs to be in an environment that will not cause any harm to it.
            Even with these problems the cable has the potential to revolutionize the Internet, as we know it today. And has the ability to connect the whole world together.

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