Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Healthcare and recent technology developments

The healthcare system is constantly evolving and being presented with many challenges when it comes to healing patients, and developing new ways to treat patients who need it. Recent trends published by the Clinical Research Webinars. The trend included the rising use of wearable technology within the healthcare system. The use of wearable technology is increasingly effective in clinical studies, and in retaining the patients in the studies to come back for more. But, with the rise of wearable technology, gives rise to Big Data. The wearable devices are going to collect mass amounts of data; and with that mass amount of data brings the concern of system failure. Big Data goes hand-in-hand with analytics; these two aspects of wearable technology are the next step in individualized healthcare. Along with healthcare, this new technology could also be applied with the concept that we went over in class about technology and the advances that it has had in healthcare. The wearable technology could also be used in the business world. It could be used to personalize tables within a ERD, possibly making it easier to make changes within a ERD; without resulting in an incorrect table. This development is the next generation of personalized healthcare; and it is the next step in twenty-first century.

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