Tuesday, February 9, 2016

KIOSK Information System's New Remote Monitoring Platform

KIOSK Information Systems is a company that creates and sells self-service platforms to a variety of customers ranging everywhere from Amtrak to McDonald's.  A press release from BusinessWire reveals that on January 25, 2016 KIOSK released a new remote monitoring platform that allows companies to monitor and manage their system of self-service kiosks, it is called CORE K-Nect.  CORE K-Nect is a software application that allows users to remotely monitor their network.  The press release notes that CORE K-Nect is designed to give users live data feed to their machines so that they can receive alerts and be able to get out in front of any possible network issues.

The press release stresses how the value in CORE K-Nect is that you are actually able to get real-time alerts from your system, which is valuable for a number of reasons.  Perhaps the most important is that any issues that may occur with your system are coming directly from your system, as opposed to hearing about problems from your customers which would not be a good thing.  Another positive that the press release outlines is CORE K-Nect will help reduce the amount of time your machines are down for, as well as decreasing the service cost it will take to fix the system or a component if a problem does occur.  Since users get the alerts in real-time and the system tells exactly where the issues are, any service in the field will be much more efficient and therefore reduce costs.  There is yet another benefit from CORE K-Nect's ability to communicate data in real-time.  It is always ideal to get out in front of a problem as soon as possible because it can prevent a minor issue from turning into a major problem.  I think this is a great benefit that the press release describes by saying, "[CORE K-Nect] prevents the majority of common maintenance issues from progressing to an error state." (Source #1)

One of the most important things to any product is the price, and the press release barely mentions how the product is priced, besides mentioning to contact KIOSK for a quote.  Another source mentions that CORE K-Nect is a one time fee for installation of the software and set-up support (Source #2).  Other features that the press release seems to skip over are how CORE K-Nect can actually update your system real-time, as well as the products that it works best for, which are "printers, scanners, card and check readers, bill acceptors, dispensers, and LCDs" (Source #2)

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