Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Technology Spurring Growth

            When looking at the many possibilities of growth within the next year, many have speculated that the technology industry is most likely to dominate. This article spells out the many reasons how the Information Technology industry will be taking off in the year of 2016. When looking at the significant involvement IT has in almost all of the big name companies taking over in their industries, it is clear to say that the real winner this next year will be technology.
            Many companies around the world owe their success of the past couple of years to the amazing technology that has been circulating around their industries. For example, the article mentions a few big name companies such as Apple and Facebook, both of which are prime examples of the great work the technology industry has been accomplishing. The article mainly mentions the investment opportunities that will be available this year, taking into account the rapid and continuous growth of the industry.
            Regarding the possible economic growth being predicted for the next year, technology, particularly IT, is at the top of the list. Information technology is used in most if not all industries in the modern world, and because of that fact it is in high demand around the world. In regards to people and companies looking to invest, many predict that technology is the way to go.  The projected economic increase in that particular industry is the reason for the rush of investors looking to put their money in the pot, so to speak.
            In my opinion, I agree that the technology industry will be taking off in the next year or so, if it hasn’t already. What worries me however, is the dependence on said technology. There are so many industries that are now attempting to update their companies with the newest technology, an expensive and timely mission that could end up costing a lot. The dependency on technology will soon run a majority of the industries. The world will have to catch up to the latest form of technology, which in the end will only perpetuate more growth.
            While the growing industry is definitely positive, it is still something to keep watch on.  As the article hints at, Information technology is the future of society. Its reign over all other industries makes it a best bet scenario when considering where to invest, as well as a potential liability. Either way, the technology industry is rapidly rising to the top.

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