Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Rise of IBM Verse

Especially in the business world, emailing is arguably the most common form of communication between people representing various corporations. “IBM Verse”, a recently created conceptual technology, has started out as a system that has the ability adapt to the user’s thoughts and actions. IBM Verse can communicate with the user through feedback with the help of information technology (IT) in its programs. Along with the current innovations the IBM Verse holds, follows upcoming advances that further enhance its current capabilities.
            The first component of the IBM Verse that I would like to emphasize is its ability to bring together the main aspects of one’s business world including, email, calendar organization, social media, etc. all into one. This allows people to focus more on their business away from a computer monitor while IBM Verse takes care of everything else. Another important point to highlight about IBM Verse is its “immature” ability to give feedback to the user when creating an email draft. By “immature” I mean that this capability could potentially evolve into a helpful monitor, analyzing your draft in the process of creating it, and giving the user even more insightful suggestions on how to draft the most appropriate message. I believe that this component of IBM Verse is where information technology makes its most significant impact. For executives and employees to be able to have a second opinion when contacting important personnel from other corporations via email, could potentially prevent the sending of an inappropriate or a regrettable message, depending on the circumstances. As mentioned before, the IBM Verse still has this capability, but it’s slightly less advanced. The third feature of the IBM Verse that should be emphasized is its ability to learn through repetition how to organize, through priority, the user’s contacts and ways of communication. This is essential to businesses because businesses run more efficiently and perform more effectively when the more important things acquire the most focus, and the less important things are held off until the primary concerns are taken care of. IBM’s current and future advances in IT will allow it to change the system of business interaction.

            Even though IBM Verse has many advantages given in this article, I feel that there are a few things that were not discussed, but hold significance. First, I feel that with the acquisition of more advances, IBM Verse may be taking the jobs of many current human secretaries away, leading to a possible rise in unemployment rates. Next, this technology, at its most complex form, will be expensive. Beginner businesses may have trouble keeping up with the rest of the business world, providing a struggle for expansion. Lastly, I would still like to know what occupation would be most helpful using IBM Verse, not including a secretarial position; possibly a journalist that could receive feedback on his or her work. This article was very insightful, and a great asset to IBM’s success.


  1. I found this particular innovation a huge step in the right direction for the business world. From the standpoint of organization, this program allows the company to not have to necessarily worry about that aspect of the business but rather focus on areas that are much more important. As for the email correction program, I believe that could be a huge innovation for the business world in the fact that emails will become as professional as can be and will make business communication as efficient as possible. There are plenty of instances when someone is trying to convey a point but can't put it into words. This program seems to fix this problem. I agree with the point about taking human jobs though. I think IBM should address this potential issue in the way that the program should be used to work with humans, not instead of them. All in all, I think this innovation could really change the business world.

  2. There have been countless innovations in communication that have occurred in this generation to make the process of contacting others more efficient, especially in the business world. Communication is the key to networking and bringing organizations together to enhance growth and prosperity. I found that the concept of "IBM Verse" adds even more significant promise to communication technology, mainly through its ability to give feedback to the user. With that, I also feel IBM Verse's ability to adapt to the user is nothing less of extraordinary. Although, with all of the power the IBM Verse can have over communication, mainly pertaining to business type conversations, I feel that eventually, too much power could potentially lead to problems. As time goes on, technology will continue to expand, possibly leaving all emails to an automatic system similar to the IBM Verse. As brilliant as technology may turn out to be, there may be some instances where the emails automatically sent between business executives and employees that are too important, or private to leave in the hands of technology. Having an automatic email, or an email that automatically edits one's draft, runs the risk of the sending to the wrong personnel, the exposing of private information, or the catching of harmful viruses. As technology gets stronger and more advanced, so do the ways of illegal tactics such as hacking. Yes, there are many risks to having technology that can run someone's life, but the potential that it holds could lead to something special in the future.


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