Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Watch Out, Intel: Google Is Cozying Up To Qualcomm In The Data Center.

Watch Out, Intel: Google Is Cozying Up To Qualcomm In The Data Center.

The leader in search engines, Google, is looking to switch up its data gathering technique. Currently, Google uses Intel whose data center is praised for its quick expansion and large profit. However, reports have been released of Google looking to support Qualcomm and their new ARM chip architecture instead of Intel’s x86 chip architecture. Google has been using Intel’s X86 chip architecture for quite some time now, but this isn’t the first time Google considered straying away from Intel. Two years ago, reports came through that Google gave out spoken support to IBM for their Power processor. However, little is ever known about which technology Google actually implements in their Internet services across the globe. 

            This situation came across to me as the ERP system vs. Best of the Breed discussion in class. ARM chip architecture is usually for small and quick procedures like the usage in cell phones. The x86 chip architecture is made for more for computers and servers, which are larger than the ARM. The only problem with Qualcomm’s ARM chip architecture is that it hasn’t been released to the market yet. Google has teamed up with Qualcomm to adapt the ARM into the server field, but Google will only adapt to Qualcomm’s processors if they, “meet certain performance benchmarks.” It sounds like Google plans to make the switch from the x86 to the ARM because of their pairing with Qualcomm, but if Google doesn’t plan to adapt to Qualcomm’s processors as well it seems like the thing will go kaput. A global company like Google has high demands for its analytics to be processed quick and concise. Therefore, I think Qualcomm should work more on adapting their processors to work better with servers than their ARM chip architecture.


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