Wednesday, February 17, 2016

What a 5G network has to offer

In an article called “What a world with 5G will look like”, David Goldman (a 2020 Visionary) writes about the capabilities of 5G. On the surface, it brings our smartphones greater connection speeds, but analyzing this deeper, he concludes that it will make cars safer to drive, bring about higher-quality video streaming, make the use of surgical robots more accurate, and allow for the creation of a virtual reality. If, in 2020, 5G-connection speed is dominated, the world will have faster, better information technology, allowing for new innovations and a new set of ideas for businesses.
The first point I would like to highlight is how the use of a 5G network will allow for faster speeds. Nokia, a company striving for 5G networking, states that it has tested 5G and witnessed speeds as fast as 30 gigabits per second (more than 1,000 times faster than 4G). David Goldman’s response to this seems rather suspicious, however, claiming that the speed will not seem nearly this fast. The article does, though, redirect the reader to another online article titled, “This is the fastest cell phone network ever”, which concludes that this 5G networking will definitely provide connections four times faster than current 4G systems. This faster network will allow people to stay better connected and give businesses a more reliable networking tool, whether they are keeping connected with customers, researching, or collecting and maintaining important data.
Another major advantage this 5G networking will bring includes the making of safer cars. With self-driving cars being created, one major problem is that connection speeds must be very fast and precise in order for this type of innovation to be completely safe. Goldman writes how 5G connections will solve this because, “One of 5G's biggest promises is ultra-low latency, delivering uninterrupted communication flow to driverless cars.” This high-speed connection will enable the transmittance of giant quantities of information and data to a variety of different technologies and electronics (not just automobiles) at a very rapid pace. 
The last topic I would like to discuss is how 5G speeds will allow for the creation of a virtual reality. With virtual reality slowly becoming popular, the creation of a 5G network will provide even greater opportunities for this to grow and prosper. I believe this was an important topic to include because it is something businesses and industries should definitely strive to use in the future. The 5G connections will allow for more reliable interactions. Businesses, supervising teams, employees, and even clients and consumers will be able to meet and connect through virtual meetings. This will allow for companies to become more efficient in sharing data, researching, and even maintaining strong relationships. 

Some things I believe should have been addressed include which types of companies will be most successful with the installation of a 5G network, the possible profits businesses can receive after implementing and using these faster networks, as well as specific ways it will effect the lives of normal consumers.

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