Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Cloud Transformation of Human Resources

The Cloud is a network of servers that serves different functions for various companies.  It has become a household name because of Microsoft and Apple’s use of cloud services to store data.  It has also hit the mainstream for businesses through places like Amazon.  Human Resources is now reaping the benefits of the cloud.  Human resource groups from various companies around the country are benefiting from the jump in technology that allows them to work faster and tailor themselves toward a customer-based system of work and have a strategic input in the country.

The change brings a new look about how the company implements its IT systems receiving and processing abilities.  The cloud has also helped managers significantly because it has allowed the manager to only input information once and have access to thousands of employee information.  It also will give a better understanding of each employee because of all the data about employee sales or individual abilities can be stored about each person.  “15 paper-based processes eliminated and a 10 percent boost in productivity thanks to the reduced admin time needed for hiring” (  The cloud switch has allowed for a simplified, streamlined, and quicker system be implemented for Human Resources.  The switch to the cloud for a Brooks Brothers store has shown an increase in productivity, which they hope will show an increase in revenue at that location.  Another attribute that the article touches upon is that Human Resources can now be a strategic contributor in the company.  “The executive department would come together to now look at financials and other dashboards, but also the growth of their employees within the company”(  One thing that the article did overlook is that the changes in Human Resources could change the whole IT structure into a more flexible system.  Another thing is that the system is that it is saving the company money when switching to the cloud.  It is environmentally friendly by reducing the need for companies to buy or employ additional resources (

Switching to the cloud has allowed for Human Resource groups to feel more involved in the company, and are more streamlined and efficient in their work productivity.

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  1. I did a blog post on this name topic a few weeks ago and read yours in hopes to learn more about what your found important within the article as well as what your own opinions and thoughts were. I considered this impact of technology on human resources focusing more on the hiring part of the job. From reading your analysis, however, I now understand your view and how this can also help businesses know more about their current employees. I found your comment about how using IT in this department could make the whole information system department more flexible. I believe this is absolutely true and that we will be seeing more of this in the very near future.

  2. I think Human Recourses, HR, changing their process is going to be extremely beneficial for companies as a whole. The wait process and the distribution process are going to be sped up and a paperless system is going to create better PR for a company by increasing its environmentally friendly aspect. HR enacting the cloud within companies is a plausible option because most of us already use it every day. We store notes, contacts, songs, pictures, basically everything on our phones and laptops on the cloud. It might take a while to get used to using it as a HR resource, but not as a cloud application. Something companies need to be weary about when incorporating the cloud to their IT system is the possibility of the jobs the technology could be replacing. Yes, it is going to create a less paper filled office and a faster process, but this increase in IT has to be careful that it doesn’t take away jobs as well.


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