Wednesday, March 30, 2016

HPE Hybrid Cloud Strategy Hinges On Synergy Platform

Jessica Davis recently published an article titled HPE Hybrid Cloud Strategy Hinges On Synergy Platform, which explains Hewlett-Packard Enterprise’s new modified cloud system that they recently launched called Synergy. This system is designed to function enterprise cloud essentials for both public and private clouds.  Synergy offers users the option to create their own internal cloud infrastructure that operates the same way as an infrastructure of public clouds would. Interestingly, this article points out that Synergy is capable of handling any type of application and workload, and once the application or workload is no longer needed the information will return to the pool for the sake of being repurposed for the next application or workload. Another interesting point made in this article was the three key components of Synergy. The first component offers a unified API. The second component provides consistent pools of resources for the applications and workloads to operate. Lastly the third component states that Synergy is already equipped with software-defined intelligence, which includes OneView Composer, Image Streamer, and Frictionless update. Another interesting point made in the article was the mention of HPE’s upcoming launch of their new open source tool called Grommet, which will enable nontechnical people to run infrastructure resources from a simple Web interface.

As I believe this article does a sufficient job at explain this new cloud system developed through IT, I feel that the author overlooked some points she mentioned in her article. First off, Davis mentions that Synergy is intended for flexibility rather than dedicated infrastructure for specific applications. However, she neglects to mention why flexible cloud systems are better than dedicated infrastructures. The reader is left to question whether Synergy might be better for certain enterprises than others. Next, I would suggest that the author further explains what Grommet is and whether or not it is to be used with Synergy. I say this because she only mentions that it is a new open source tool for non-technical people. So I wondered if Grommet and Synergy are used together in order to make resourcing easier for everyone. However, I did like that Davis mentioned HPE’s newest releases such as HPE Hyper Converged 380 and Grommet. I believe by mentioning these new releases she is trying to call attention to the fact that HPE is focusing on creating more efficient and cost friendly ways of storing and computing applications and workloads.
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  1. It is interesting how Synergy has attempted to everything to do everything in house. I think that makes it more attractive for customers who seek privacy without sacrificing customers who only want the power to handle public cloud usage. Creating a more powerful and cost effective means of cloud management gives Synergy a competitive edge.


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