Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Intel Investing Big in Sports Broadcasting Technology

            Sports in this day in age are critiqued like never before. The multiple camera angles and constant ability to show replays allows the fans at home to critique the game from their couch and puts tremendous pressure on officials and referees to make the right call when there is a controversial play, not only to get the most accurate results but to avoid backlash from fans. This article discuses Intel, one of the most recognizable technology companies in America, and there major investment in broadcasting technology in sports that will enhance the fans experience and help to make sure officials are making the right call on the field or the court.     
            One of the major points that is made in the article is Intel’s acquisition of an Israel-based start up company that develops 3D video broadcasting software.  The company, Replay Technologies, has titled its product freed. According to its website, Replay-Technologies.com, freed is a video format that allows viewers to experience perspective of live sporting events that have never been available before. This technology will not only have a positive effect on sports themselves by allowing officials to have views of the field that were unimaginable a few years ago, but also will positively impact broadcasts by giving fans yet another way to watch and critique every play.
            Another key point made in the article is Intel’s effort to bring its own technology into the sports world. The most notable instance of this is the technology they are brining to the winter X games in aspen this year. The most notable technology that is being introduced at the X games is a motion tracking and camera software that will give competition judges and broadcasting companies never before seen data and camera angles that will help provide the most accurate judging process and an enhanced the viewers experience while watching the different events at X games.
            The third major point made in the article is Intel’s partnership with major sports companies, such as ESPN, Oakley, and New Balance. These partnerships show that Intel is serious about getting more involved in the sports technology scene. Intel VP of smart devise innovation Steve Holmes said in announcing the partnerships that Intel is at a transition point and “It’s a natural time for Intel to really participate in a much broader way in sports”.
            One of the things this article failed to point out is what the partnership with sport companies such as ESPN and Oakley will consist of. One would imagine ESPN will be using the new 3D technology but there is no telling exactly what Intel has planed and the article fails to elaborate. Another thing missing from the article is how Intel planes to implement its new X game tracking technology, and if the results will be used for live broadcasting or for replay after the fact. A final thing missing from the article is why Intel feels now is the time for them to get more involved in sports.   

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