Tuesday, March 29, 2016

LiFi is the Future of Wireless Connectivity

LiFi, short for Light Fidelity, is a new type of wireless internet that is extremely fast. The key to this technology is that it uses light from a LED bulb to transmit internet data unlike our current WiFi which uses radio waves. The LED bulb flickers extremely quickly which creates a frequency of light that transmits the data. Currently this technology is still being developed in labs and tested in French museums and shopping malls.
This new type of internet technology can transmit data up to 200 gigabits per second which is fast enough to download about 23 DVDs in one second. I think this is a great invention because people always complain about how slow their internet connection is and this would fix that completely. This new technology also does not require a big router of any type so it is not bulky and taking up space in a room. It is completely wireless as long as your device can connect to the light bulb which this article should go into more detail and explain how that is possible. At first people should buy this product if they are a big company that depends on fast internet to complete their tasks and then it should open up to the consumer market. At least for now this is a good idea but there are still some problems that need to be sorted out.
Although this article covers a lot there are still some things that I am curious about. According to this article it seems like the device needs to be in direct contact with the LED bulb or else it will stop transmitting. I would like to know if someone is trying to figure out a way to fix this problem. If people started using this technology, which I think they should because it is so beneficial, that will become a major issue. I would also like to know if this technology will work if the light is off. A lot of times we use our technology at night or when watching a video and people like if it is dark in the room so that would be a problem. Another thing I would like to know is if we would have to get completely new devices to support this technology because this might cause people to not want to invest in this product. Maybe a type of add on could be invented because people will not be will to spend another $699 on a new iPhone just so they could use LiFi.

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  1. LiFi seems to have a lot of potential. The fact that you mentioned that it would be able to download 23 DVDs in one second shows how fast this type of connection would be. As you mentioned, a lot of people complain about slow WiFi, myself included. This LiFi would solve that issue and people wouldn't have to worry about their signal or connection being so slow. In addition, since you mentioned how it is completely wireless, no additional technology would be needed but the light bulb. This would serve as something beneficial to companies and businesses where most of their work is done online. For example, if a business is in the middle of a video call with a business in another country, it won't have to worry as much about the call being dropped due to poor signal. If LiFi were to become popular in the future, I wonder if WiFi would be completely taken out of the picture and everyone would just use LiFi instead?


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