Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Throughout the past couple of years, the cloud technology has overcome a majority of the Information Technology industry. Its usefulness, convenience, and effectiveness has made it one of the most frequently used technology today, its use ranging over a span of companies. However, despite its extreme helpfulness, the cloud technology also is a point of discomfort for some people, namely the Health Care industry. “’…Its adoption in healthcare has lagged because of the unique concerns of healthcare organizations around security, availability of data, and latency of data. You need to have secure data available rapidly at the point of care,’ says Nancy Fabozzi, a principal analyst in Frost & Sullivan’s Transformation Health group” (Sukel). The fact that many have concerns over the use of cloud technology has hindered its use in the Health Care Industry.
Recently however, the Heath Care Industry has been taking steps to incorporate cloud technology. The need for such technology had become too much to ignore. “’The cloud makes it easier for us to create redundant pathways to the Internet where we can get the data we need.  We sleep better at night knowing that we now have an infrastructure and protocols in place where we can get the data we need and patient care won’t be compromised’” (Sukel). Just as a majority of society is slowly giving in to the take over of Apple products (iPhones, iPads, MacBook, etc.), companies have taken note to the fact that cloud technologies have become incorporated in most aspects of people’s lives. It has become as integral of a technology as microchips in cellphones.
Despite the fact that the Heath Care industry has started to “jump on the band wagon” (so-to-speak) in relation to cloud technology, there are still many who believe that the cloud is still a major safety issue. “Although most reputable cloud providers have top-of-the-line security to protect users' data, experts say there is no such thing as a completely safe cloud system” (Angeles). The fear of the many possible security issues that are associated with the cloud technology is the only concern that has hindered its use. Though many have this fear, the cloud technology has still sky rocketed throughout the past few years. The few industries that are still behind in Information Technology are slowly catching up. Many are realizing the myriad of possibilities using cloud technology has opened up. “’Having the cloud means that we can focus on business than infrastructure.  We don’t need a data center. We shouldn’t be worried about how to store and get at all this data,” he says. “Because our business is care. It’s what we do. And it’s something we wouldn’t be able to do as well without having the cloud’” (Sukel).

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