Monday, September 21, 2015

A Step Up from a 4G to 5G Wireless Network

5G Wireless networks can be a game changer for businesses of the future.  Speeds of 100 megabits per second are estimated to be expected for the average user, which is 10x the capability of the current 4G wireless networks available.  The implications of this step up in speed will lead to interactive product experiences, holographic and 3D images, and overall performance enhancements. 

I think the most important aspect of the 5G Wireless networks will be its reliability for business purposes.  On 4G Wireless networks today, so many people are utilizing the network that speeds are not fast enough in dense population areas.  Sometimes it is difficult for people to connect properly and hold that connection when so many other users are trying to do the same (including personal and business users).  In today’s business world, mobility is essential.  People need to be able to do business on the move very frequently, not just from the convenience from their office.  This includes phone calls, video-chats, and emailing from the Starbucks you're sitting at or the train ride you're on.  The 4k and 8k HD streaming that will come with 5G should make video-chats especially, more reliable.

Another aspect of 5G that will impact the business world is the holographic projection feature.  In an ever-changing technological world, people love the advancement of 3D technology so “businesses could leverage this capability to provide 3D presentations at events” (BizTechMagazine).  The medical business industry will be able to benefit from 5G as well.  We’ve discussed in class about how 3D imaging can facilitate remote surgeries, where a Dr. doesn’t even have to be present in the building to perform.  5G technology will enhance the capability of this future possibility, but how?  One of the problems deals with latency, which refers “to the time lag between an action and a response.  [It is predicted] that 5G’s latency will be around one millisecond- unperceivable to a human and about 50 times faster than 4G” (BBC).  This is extremely significant to the safety and reliability of surgeries performed by robotic/remote surgery.  If these predictions are accurate, the medical industry could have huge success by utilizing the 5G Wireless network.

And yet, with improvements of technology, we never fail to overlook some of the problems we might run into.  With more and more people accessing this technology everyday, it is possible that 5G won’t provide the speeds it predicts because of how many people and businesses will be utilizing it.  It is possible that 3D imaging won’t always be crystal clear and as good as we expect it to be.  It’s even possible 5G won’t be powerful enough to allow Dr.’s to perform remote surgery.  Only time will tell, but I am excited to see how 5G will impact the global business world. 

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