Monday, September 21, 2015

How IOS9 Impressed a devoted android user.

Ill admit it I like the android platform. Its versatile, I can use google docs to write papers from my phone and continue them on my computer for free for one thing. Almost any thing on the itunes store is available to android and the only real setback is that group messaging is really annoying. Since IOS8 came out ill add that Apple turned a corner with its elegant redesign and cross platform messaging services. But who hasn’t wondered what post-Jobs Apple would be like? So I took a look.

IOS9: Taking A Play From The Competitors Playbook and Then Changing The Game.

Where IOS8 stopped developers like Cydia  and Andriod continuously churned out innovative software and apps for android and jailbroken iDevices some of which have found a new home in IOS9. The incorporation of any-time device-and-internet wide search, smart actions was even expanded with the peek and pop applications. Settings has been streamlined and Apple pay now comes standard marking an ambitions step forward for the device so integrated into our daily life.
But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. None of these single changes is anything all that special. However together the apps,  new sleeker faster smarter simpler movement and design, along with apple’s already successful IOS8 paradigm makes for a powerful new player in the mobile phone market. In four short years apple’s mobile operating system has gone from restrictive to nothing short of visionary in an apple sort of way.

This said The article largely overlooks how the android platform in my opinion outperforms IOS 8 so far and these gaps in utility are not resolved and apple still remains in control of what can and cant be on the phone. Id need to buy a apple computer to use the full ability of my phone where as I could get an apple computer that still works with my android platform devices.

It still remains to be seen as I haven’t had much time with IOS9 myself and Google is sure to respond soon with its own phone pay system and OS update.

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