Monday, September 21, 2015

DSRC Changing the Driving World

Car to car communication is a topic that has been discussed for years. The discussion may be over because of dedicated short-range communication (DSRC). DSRC is a technology that allows cars to wirelessly connect and send alerts to each other. DSRC is the type of technology that could possibly take driving to a whole other level.

Implementing DSRC into cars can, “change the relationship between cars on the road, move toward the goal of safety, as well of efficiency of road use and fuel consumption.” (Cooley Video) DSRC is a technology that will allow cars to make each other aware of their position, direction and speed. Position, speed and direction are three major factors of driving. The key goal of putting DSRC into all vehicles is to increase the safety of driving, which everyone would like to see. Knowing other cars position, direction and speed will definitely decrease accidents in a drastic way. The U.S. is hoping to have a 70-80% reduction in accidents when all cars have implemented the new technology. DSRC is a new built in radio that gives a car a 360-degree area of awareness with all other cars around them. DSRC has the capability of telling you when another car is about to collide, alert you when there is a car accident ahead or when a car is stopped, give you alternate routes to avoid an accident scene, and many other things. It is predicted that, “10% of new cars are expected to have DSRC by 2018, and 70% of all cars are predicted to have this tech by 2027.”(Carlson) DSRC is an interesting technology that could really improve the driving system all throughout the world, if everything goes as planned.

DSRC is a great technology, but it is still technology. People constantly put so much faith into technology that they overlook the fact that it can have malfunctions. I don’t think that DSRC would have any major malfunctions that would lead to serious problems, but the article and video didn’t really touch on the fact that DSRC could have certain problems. Another component that was overlooked was the amount of time it would take to have DSRC in every car. There are millions of cars in the U.S. alone, it would take generations to have DSRC in every car. DSRC is a great technology that will prevent many accidents, save fuel and increase the efficiency of drivers.

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