Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Employee Feedback: The New Killer App

Feedback from employees play an important role in how supervisors run their business; it is important for supervisors to know how engaged and content their employees are. Employee engagement is a key factor in retaining employees. If an employee isn’t engaged, how will they ever want to remain in the company?
            Employee Feedback: The New Killer App by Josh Bersin who is principal and co-founder, Bersin by Deloitte, Deloitte Consulting LLP, discusses how difficult it is to retain employees these days. CEOs do everything they possibly can to keep employees, but are they so desperate to keep their employees? It is no secret that companies benefit from retaining employees. One reason for this is because losing employees means that the company must go through the process of hiring and training new employees, which is a waste of time and money. Some CEOs neglect the fact that although they are retaining employees, their employees may not be happy. While many CEOs only care if their employees are doing their jobs right, it is important to keep them happy as well. If an employee isn’t happy, he may negatively impact other employees, causing an undesirable work environment.
            Some may argue that it is impractical for a whole app to be created for the sole use of feedback surveys when emailed surveys can be sent out. However, when completing a survey, most people wish that their identity remain a secret. Does it seem likely that an email with a survey attached sent to your inbox is just as anonymous as an app that doesn’t even know your name? This article discusses how it is important for people to know that the feedback surveys they are taking at work are anonymous. Anonymity helps the employees to remain honest in their surveys, because, for example, they will not have to worry about their boss finding out that it was them who complained about him.
            With the constant stress of work, family, and beyond, is it really worth the hassle to take a long and boring feedback survey? Probably not. Research shows that simple, one question surveys, convey enough information for supervisors to know how their employees are doing at work. Not only are the surveys simple, but they are right at employee’s fingertips. Simple feedback surveys also benefit supervisors because the feedback is easy to analyze and is received right at their fingertips as well.
            Though app surveys may be the most convenient way to attain results, it is important to understand that it also has its faults. The app may unexpectedly shut down or have glitches. In addition, like all surveys, some employees may not be honest, which creates results that are not always true. I think that the app is a really innovative way for feedback surveys, because it helps prevent the issue of anonymity, but there is something about writing feedback on paper that makes it feel more official to me.
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