Sunday, September 20, 2015

Facebook Working on a Dislike Button

Facebook has always allowed its users to like people’s statuses, pictures, and videos, but now users might have more options in the future. Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg said Tuesday in a Q&A that Facebook will allow its users to express more emotions than just the thumbs up. They do not want to call it a dislike because of the negative connotation, but it will likely be a sympathize button or buttons. Facebook wants to allow its users the ability to show other emotions on posts like a death or a tragic news. Users want the option to express a different emotion because the like button is not always the appropriate response to certain posts. However, the option could create controversy among users on Facebook. The dislike button could cause people to start voting posts up and down, which is not the point of Facebook. The concept of Facebook is a place for people to post and share freely without feeling like people are judging them. With this dislike button, this could cause users to feel discouraged about posting because of the fear of other users disliking their statuses and pictures. Facebook needs to update and create new buttons, so that they do not lose their customers to other social media sites. Also by adding new features, the site will be able to attract new customers, allowing Facebook to remain a popular social media site. However, this dislike button could create problems for this social media site. It would allow users to dislike tragic and sad events, but people could use the button to dislike people’s photos and posts that are not about a sad or tragic event. This could upset some users because no one likes to post if they know people have the option to dislike it, which would hurt the whole concept of Facebook, of sharing and posting what the user pleases. Facebook should give its users the options to sympathize or express other emotions because that will make the users feel like they are really expressing how they feel to their Facebook friends. This will allow users to feel like they are able to really communicate with their friends no matter how far away they are. This would also give Facebook a step up on the competition by giving their customers more variety than the other social media sites. Their customers have been asking for different emotion buttons, so if Zuckerberg does create these buttons, his customers will feel like he listens to what they want and that the site is tailored to their interests. Facebook is going to have to create new emotion buttons on their site to continue to keep their users happy, but a dislike button could cause controversy on the website among its users.

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