Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Benefits and Global Impact of Radiology Information Systems

There is a high demand in the medical profession for the acquisition and facilitation of radiology information systems. What a radiology information system is is a “network software suite used radiology departments to manipulate, store and distribute patient radiological data and imagery.” (MedGadget, 2015) This type of information system helps ease the daily processes of recording data and information about a patient in a hospital. It is designed to help with patient management, tracking and scheduling, document scanning and technical files creation. The various features that this type of technology provides for clinics and medical centers is beyond comparison in organization and file tracking. There are several major companies that have an invested stake in the radiology information systems market, including, but not limited to;
-Cerner Corporation
-GE Healthcare
-McKesson Corporation

At the moment, North America and Europe are the top two dominating forces in the radiology information systems market. Analysts and reporters have predicted a spike in demand for this technology, due to the growing acceptance by facilities to use healthcare information technology, and expect that these two continents will practically control the healthcare information systems market by 2020. The biggest concern in achieving these goals is the lack of government funding and economic stress on several countries. This, in turn, can allow for emerging markets, such as China and India, to potentially expand their horizons and invest in this market. These two countries, specifically, have experienced an increase of chronic diseases along with an ever growing population and still lack proper healthcare services. Theoretically, these two countries have the highest potential for growth in this market if they can come up with enough funding to spearhead the system.

While there are still some international restraints on purchasing this technology, I believe that countries should start looking into acquiring radiology information systems. With an increasing number of reported diseases, it’s difficult for countries, who do not have proper healthcare options, to maintain all of that data and information. Radiology information systems makes it much easier to do rudimentary tasks, such as just booking an appointment for a patient and even billing information. I believe that this is an absolute benefit for medical clinics and countries should take this opportunity now to enter the market place before North America and Europe become the sole dominating forces.

"Global Radiology Information Systems Market: North America and Europe Expected to Dominate Global Market by 2020 | Medgadget." Medgadget. Persistence Market Research, 16 Sept. 2015. Web. 20 Sept. 2015.

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