Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Google Self-Driving Car

         Over the past decade we have experienced new technologies made to minimize human error. These technologies include machines sorting putting together pieces in a factory, sorting the products, and preparing the products for shipping. One new piece of technology that has been trying to make its way to the market is Google’s Self-driving car.  This car is designed with technology that uses lasers to create 3D maps that allows the car to drive by itself. An additional feature about the car is that if it does get into an accident, the onboard computer can determine if it was caused by a faultily algorithm or a parts breakdown. Since the car is designed to make sure that accidents caused by the driver won’t be a problem, car insurance will go most likely decline. Moreover, Google could decide to be their own exclusive insurance for their self-driving car. If consumers decide to make the shift over to this autonomous car with the excusive Google insurance, the big-name insurance companies would lose business and their customers.
       This new push in car technologies will impact consumers in a massive way. Elderly people who are not advised or cannot drive can finally own a car that can get them from point A to point B if they have no one to help them. Self-driving cars can also help people who are afraid to drive at night and reduce the enormous problem of drunk driving. This new shift will definitely impact the world around us because more people would be able to get places and the number of car accidents will decline significantly. With fewer accidents, the streets would be safer and less vehicle deaths will occur.  
         As much as I don’t like drastic technology changes, I applaud how this new car can improve the lives of many people. I think that for the elderly, it is a great way for them to visit family or go to the store without risking their own lives. This new technology is not only good improving the quality of transportation but also decreasing the number of vehicle deaths. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 30,057 deaths were caused by fatal motor vehicle deaths in 2013. If this new Self-Driving car by Google will improve the lives of consumers and decrease the number of deaths in the world, I think it is a great idea to introduce it to the market.

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