Monday, September 21, 2015

Software Scores Well on SAT

The Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence developed a software program that could answer geometry questions at a human level. To prove this, the company put the software to the test by making it answer SAT problems that it has never seen before. The software achieved the score of an average 11th grader.
Creating this software and having it be somewhat effective is a step forward for technology. With this being said, to transform the software into a real world setting is highly unlikely. Therefore, in my opinion this article and software is not as impressive. Then, the article claims that the next step for the software would be to assemble furniture. This would be an amazing accomplishment and something that can help humans in a real world situation but not very possible as of right now. This is due to the common-sense aspect that human’s posses and machines most likely never will. Another factor that the article brings up is problem solving. By saying this, the article means that if anything went wrong with the process (of building furniture) that a machine could not adapt. I agree with this completely. The complexity of the human brain and the fact that we do have feelings is what sparks certain inventions and other creations. If we eventually relied on machines, future developments may never be created.
The article overlooked the question of what would this do for the economy? More specifically, would jobs be created or destroyed from software that could built furniture or have human logic? Also, would achieving common sense ever be possible for this software? Finally, is this a good allocation of time for software developers or could they be doing something more to help and grow information systems.
Overall I don’t think that this software is worth the investment of time and money.   

Citation : Markoff, John. "Software Is Smart Enough for SAT, but Still Far From Intelligent." The New York Times. The New York Times, 20 Sept. 2015. Web. 21 Sept. 2015. 

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