Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Uber is Now Live in Las Vegas

"Uber is Now Live in Las Vegas"
            Technology is an ever-changing field. It is crucial for companies to stay on top of the trends that consumers are following in order to compete and stay ahead of the game. For example, Uber is a growing company that has become extremely accessible to a wide range of people. As a college student, Uber is extremely convenient, especially living in the city setting of Baltimore. With the tap of a finger, people can request car service to their exact location.
            With this in mind, an article was published on CNN by Jackie Wattles stating that Uber is expanding to Las Vegas. In my opinion, this is a great location for Uber to expand into. The setting of Las Vegas will definitely provide a lot of business for Uber. There will be numerous people trying to get to and from downtown Las Vegas without the hassle of driving on their own.
            This is a great business model for Uber. Their continued expansion will allow customers to feel more connected to the company. They will be more reliant on Uber and it will allow them to continue to expand throughout the country, as well as internationally. While Uber, like any other business, has experienced some bumps in the road when trying to expand their company, they continue to strive for more. The article states, “But none of that has stopped Uber from growing at a breakneck place. It was recently named the most valuable startup in the world at nearly $51 billion” (Wattles). This shows that the company has made a great success in just the beginning alone and it is very interesting to see how their success will continue.
            In addition, the technology aspect of Uber is extremely efficient for customers. They are able to request a car to their exact location with the tap of a finger on their smartphone. This allows for great ease for the customer. There is also a feature called “Split Fare” where customers are able to divide evenly the total cost of the ride without having to worry about squaring away with cash at a later time.

            Overall, I think this technology of Uber is extremely important to society nowadays, especially in the areas it is expanding to. It is a very easy to use and can be used by a large majority of society. The ease for customers is what keeps their reputation positive and allows customers to continue to use the application of Uber. This technology of Uber continues to expand and consumers are able to follow the ease of the service. Their expansion to cities around the country is a great location for a service like this and will continue to keep customers around.



  1. I agree with almost every point you as well as the article makes. I am a huge fan of Uber and use it a lot. With the tap of a finger, I'm able to request a cab that takes me wherever I have to go in a short amount of time (and it's fairly cheap as well). Expanding to Las Vegas was one of the best things Uber has done so far. Especially at nighttime, there are numerous drunk adults coming out of bars, shows, or casinos that need a ride back to their hotel or wherever they're staying. There are only so many Las Vegas yellow taxi cabs, so Uber is the best way to go. All they have to do is tap their finger a couple times on their phone, and they will be on their way!

  2. I also agree that uber is a wonderful thing. The app technology allows for efficiency, safety, and guarantee. The driver greatly benefits from this app as well as the customer! In a city like Las Vegas, a lot can go wrong with a simple cab ride. If the passenger is intoxicated, they may just run outside of the cab and not pay at all. The driver can also demand the tip included. With the uber app, the customer's checking account is linked to the username, therefore, payment is a guarantee by the consumer 100% of the time. One can also split the fare with the touch of a button. Instead of having to worry about dividing the cash evenly, it is split perfectly amongst the number of passengers. The ETA feature is also quite convenient. Instead of standing around waiting for a cab, you can actually see a GPS system of where the ubers are in the city. It is safe and efficient to use the uber app in a place like Las Vegas.


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