Friday, October 2, 2015

Buy button On Twitter

Do we really need another way to purchase items?  More importantly, do we really want to be bothered more with adds to purchase products?  Well I would assume that Twitter business leads believe we do.  Recently posted on the NY Times website, there is an article announcing the intended release of the "Buy" button on Twitter.  Now based on what I've read and understand, Twitter is working with merchants so that they can market items on twitter to subscribers of that social network and if they are interested, they can simply purchase that item in two clicks of a mouse.  I find that everyone is jumping on the convenience pay bandwagon, first Apple with Apple Pay, then Google with Google Pay, now here is this.  Do we really need another "convenient" way to spend more money on something that we probably don't need but because it's flashing across our screen with a "Buy" button we get it?????  I think that we have more than enough advertising on social networks as it is.  Every time I log in to Facebook, Twitter, even LinkedIn, I am overwhelmed with flashing advertisements that I absolutely don't want to see and would really like it if they would remove it.

Anyway, back to this new convenient technology, in the interest of being fair, it's good marketing for the merchants because Twitter have over 300 million users therefore they are able to market to a large audience.  This will help with their sales and probably increase their bottom line significantly.  What I see happening is like Apply Pay and now following that Samsung Pay/Google Pay, we will more likely than not see a Facebook Buy button in the very near future.

So my summary is simple if you haven't already guessed it by now, I think this is just another nuisance to users adding to the already overwhelming advertisements that we see daily on our social network feeds.  Personally, if I want to buy something, I will search availability, do my comparisons, then make a reasonable decision as to whether or not I wish to "Buy" it.  I don't want something in my feed annoying me every-time I log on to my social media site asking me to buy an item.


  1. I agree that Twitter's Buy button won't be that successful. People do not go on Twitter to buy things; they go on Twitter to look at the news and their friends' updates. Although people are less likely to buy things, it still advertises products and makes it super convenient and easy to make purchases by clicking a simple button. Once you make a purchase the first time, they store your information automatically. The problem with this is if a person clicks the buy button by accident or if someone else is on his phone and makes a purchase without him even realizing it. I'm sure they will make improvements to this new feature and make it more relevant for Twitter users.

  2. I like the Buy option Twitter is proposing. Twitter receives millions of tweets everyday with millions of its users reading these. It could become a marketplace on the internet. A place where multiple people can barter for a particular product. Twitter could take out a small % of all sales as well. It is smart and convenient for the customer. This could become annoying for users not looking to buy anything. Amazon, eBay, and Alphabet are used for this service and Twitter is used for merely sharing ideas. Some people will like and dislike this new feature

  3. I too think the Buy Option on twitter will do well in some markets, as I posted a blog about this service earlier in the year. Consumers that need to feed their urge to buy something that is available in limited numbers or want to be the first to have a product will certainly use this option on Twitter. Though I do agree this feature could become annoying, you could always unfollow a brand that post with this option enabled, but that is just a suggestion.

  4. I'm not sure exactly how I feel about Twitters "Buy Option". I also get bothered with flashing advertisements and pop ups. I also hope that Twitter distinguishes between false advertisement on twitter and the "buy option" because I have at many times clicked on a piece of false advertisement and had my twitter hacked. I think I would much rather stick to sites like amazon and eBay to buy things.

  5. I would be lying if I said that I wasn't annoyed by advertisements (whether they are on Facebook, Youtube, Pandora, etc.); however, I think the reason that so many companies have implemented this is because it works. It targets impulse buys and can be personalized based on your previous interactions with these sites. The personalization of these social sites allows advertisements to be geared toward your personal likes. While the advertisements themselves can sometimes be seen as annoying, it can also introduce a consumer to products it did not previously know about. Overall, I think this is an extremely smart move for companies advertising their products on multiple sites, because consumers have different preferences for their social media sites.


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