Monday, October 5, 2015

Skarp Razor

For generations the common process of a man shaving his face consisted of sharp steel blades, shaving cream, and a running sink faucet. But laser technology has made it a long way over the past decades. The Skarp Razor could possibly be the first ever-shaving tool powered by laser. This new razor has the same physical look as any classic razor, but instead of an edge of steel, the Skarp uses a single fiber optic wielding a low power, class 1 laser. [1] If this product becomes successful, it holds the ability to shut down many companies that produce essential shaving products. But I believe this product will have some difficulties succeeding. I imagine that men would be skeptical about using a laser for shaving. Many possible side effects can come with lasers on your skin, such as redness, itching, or breakouts
Skarp Razor may threaten companies that produce razors and other shaving products.  Gillette is one of the most well known companies of razor production. Gillette produces all of the essential shaving items such as the body of the razor, disposable razor heads, and shaving cream. The disposable razor heads run out of use very quickly and really leaves a dent into the consumers’ wallet. 2 Billion razors or razor heads are thrown away each year in the US alone. [2] With this new piece of technology there will be no need to consistently repurchase shaving necessities.
A running sink faucet is crucial in the shaving process, and that can lead to a large increase in ones water bill. This new laser razor is capable of being used in and out of water. The use of Skarp Razor has the ability to cut down consumers’ water bills substantially.
Laser treatment on the skin can possibly leave the consumer with many side effects. I understand the Skarp Razor uses a low power class 1 laser, but one concern is consumers with very sensitive skin. A few common post laser side effects are facial redness, swelling, and itching. [3] Using laser treatment will also leave the skin on your face more sensitive to sun. The laser will heat up your skin and hair follicles to remove the hair, leaving your facial skin more vulnerable to sun damage.  
One obstacle Skarp Razor must overcome is performance. The laser razor will have to cut hair with similar speed and efficacy as of standard steel blades, all with a laser that can safely operate off a single AAA for up to a month of standard use. [4]
The Skarp Razor seems to have many benefits to the consumer and the environment. Benefits of using the laser razor are no razor burn, no expensive cartridge replacements, and little to no water use. There are also negative side effects for companies like Gillette, or Dollar Shave Club who are going to lose business.  Even though many new benefits are created from this laser razor, I believe Skarp Razor will not change the shaving game.

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