Friday, October 2, 2015

The Amazon Dash Button

Amazon has releases a new beta product called “Amazon Dash” which allows consumers to repurchase common household supplies by simply pressing the dash button. This new method of keeping common supplies in stock all the time helps to eliminate the hassle of running out of necessities, such as laundry detergent, paper towels, bottles water, razors and even pet food just to name a few. By having the Amazon dash button conveniently placed around your house you can easily reorder these common products and have them delivered to your house by Amazon Prime within a day or so. 
While this new technology is extremely convenient for the customer some producers are having second thoughts about jumping on board, since if consumers are never running out of supplies they don’t over purchase large amounts during sales times. Still, perhaps the next step will take the convenience even further by letting consumers know when products go on sale and then they can use the dash replenishment service to save money as well. This again however seems undesirable to producers as then people who would usually be reordering supplies during sales. 

I believe the application for this dash replenishment service is a great idea and provides customers with a even better Amazon Prime experience. As this type of technology is further introduced into our lives it will help make everything from our morning breakfast to drive to work easier by reducing minor errands like picking up milk or coffee at the store and getting gas from the gas station. Eventually our cars (if not electric) could order more gas for themselves and have it delivered to the tank overnight, making the drive to work that much easier than having to stop and pump gas in the rain or cold. Well I see the dash button technology is much more consumer oriented, rather than producer based, it could still potentially provide increased sales to companies that sign on as the convenience of there products may lead to an increase in sales. The Amazon dash replenishment service is a beneficial new technology that will allow consumer to be on a more “just in time” delivery system for household goods, thus increasing the efficiently and reducing hassle so it is only a matter of time until we all start to see buttons around our houses.

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  1. While I agree that the Amazon Dash button is a good idea, what if someone pressed it by accident? Or, what if someone's child pressed it numerous times when they did not even need the product? To prevent this, I believe that should have a password or require a fingerprint like our phones do. I also think that this is a huge step into the future that scares some people, including me. People are becoming increasingly lazier and soon will probably never leave their houses because they can have everything delivered to them. In addition, someday everyday convenient stores may go out of business if Amazon is selling their products and offering to deliver them this soon.


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