Thursday, October 1, 2015

Virtual Reality training system

A company call Motion Reality, Inc. is using Virtual technology in order to help train the military and police force.  Trainees are enrolled in a virtual 360 training scenario that is designed to test and train them for real world problems they may encounter.
One big factor that this virtual reality program provides is it’s many different scenarios that it can run. Ranging from levels of Special Forces to traffic enforcement, everyone is able to train on this system. A unique feature is that this system’s avatar is designed to actual reflects your dimensions and abilities in reality.  Height, size, and weight will all be replicated so that you get a true and accurate feeling of what it would be like. This provides a precise feeling of your abilities while being tested in the system.  Lastly is that system provides convince to the people using this virtual technology. Instead of traveling to multiple facilities to run the different scenarios which would be very time costly as well as expensive in travel cost. This technology gives the user the ability to run multiple scenarios from the same spot, greatly eliminating cost of time and travel. 
One big dilemma that arises from this is the number of scenarios that are programmed. No matter how many programs they have in the system their will always be room for newer and improved scenarios.  Another problem that could arise is that while this is a great training exercise, it will never be able to replicate the same feeling as to when your actually out in the field as opposed to being in a safe training environment. Lastly is that with further research I found out that this virtual technology cost a great deal just to operate and wouldn’t take a significant impact on any budget.
 Overall, I think that these new advances in this virtual technology can help our veteran police and military force keep their skills sharp and ahead of the game. 


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  1. Motion Reality Inc’s recent release of virtual technology to aid in training for the military and police force is a breakthrough in training the United States’ armed forces. Motion Reality Inc’s new virtual technology training system is a 360-degree training system that can run many encounters/ scenarios.
    The implementation of this new training system is very important because it will not only help new, young soldiers/ policemen, it will also be used with people who are experienced to help fine-tune their skills
    One major positive to using virtual reality programs to train people such as soldiers and policemen is that there are many possible scenarios they can find themselves in. Not only will this virtual reality program include many different scenarios, but, it may also slightly stimulate the economy. This comes from the possibility of jobs being created through this virtual reality program. Programmers can be hired as freelancers, or be signed on a contract to write many more scenarios for the virtual reality program to run. This is essential for the armed forces, because people can run a very difficult scenario, and if they perform well, they may be considered for promotion, or another elite platoon. Previously, soldiers would get promoted or offered another position due to their performance in battle. However, if we can run a program to find out who our elite soldiers are, we can circumvent this process.
    The way the Navy picks people to be on a Seal Team, or promoted to SEAL Team 6 (the elite SEAL squad) SEAL’s depends entirely on how many missions you have completed, and your efficiency in battle. With this new virtual reality training technology, elite squads such as the SEAL’s or Rangers can find out who the elite soldiers are, and recruit them. This is very important because there are many possible soldiers that can be put into these virtual reality training scenarios and put into these elite task forces. This circumvents the heat of battle. Elite soldiers who are not part of an elite task force may be killed in action, or retire before they are given opportunities to join groups such as the SEAL’s and Rangers. The new virtual reality training system will not only help soldiers and law enforcement fine-tune their skills, but it will also help elite task forces such as the Navy Seals and Army Rangers decide who should be a part of their squad.
    In conclusion, Motion Reality Inc’s new implementation of a virtual reality training system for the military and law enforcement is a step forward in training our armed forces. This will not only help our soldiers be able to train while staying safe the whole time, but programmers can write up programs of thousands of different scenarios that will help improve how prepared our armed forces are.


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