Thursday, October 1, 2015

Integrating Virtual Reality into Business

Virtual Reality has been up and coming for some time now. Being able to simply put on a headset and instantly feel like you are standing in a different place looking around, and having the technology respond as if you were actually there is revolutionary. This is what Virtual Reality does.
Edwin Rogers, an expert with VR (Virtual Reality) comments on different businesses that could smoothly implement VR into how they market their products. His first example was car dealerships. He talks about how a dealer could let a potential client experience the car they are considering virtually through use of the headset. The other example given was that of the realty business. He states that one could give a house tour completely virtually through the headset, and if a customer looks left or right, they can look around at the rooms, or if they “Look up at the ceiling and you can count ceiling tiles.”
Personally, I think that implementing VR is a good idea for businesses going forward. I think it has the ability to make certain aspects of some fields very efficient. On the other hand, there are downsides to relying on technology for long distance meetings or tours done virtually. If a network is down, or there is lag experienced, it will ruin the experience for customers, and make interacting in meetings much harder. There is also the cost to consider. If this technology integration is too much of an expense to a company, then it will hurt the company in the long run. Overall, I think the adding of VR gradually to businesses is a good idea.

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