Thursday, October 1, 2015

Tim Cook and Apple Plan to Expand

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, desires to expand the company into the realm of business technology. He strives to start designing products for big businesses, especially for the finance and energy sectors. Apple has been known for being in the heads of consumers, and knowing exactly what they want. Now he wants to get into the heads of big corporations and deliver top-notch products that could be used regularly in business operations. To get their foot in the door of this industry, Apple has connected with “business technology giants” such as Microsoft, Cisco, and IBM.
            This big move by Tim Cook was inspired by the fact that people have been using their personal devices, like iPhones and iPads, for work as well. He wants to improve Apple product’s business capabilities because consumers just want one, dynamic device for both business and pleasure.
            Cook is confident that Apple “isn’t too late to the game” because no one has yet to conquer that market. He also believes that Apple can increase their product’s capability beyond email and Internet access. He thinks they can further develop software for Apple products, and give them an edge. However, they are new to “the game” so they will need to do a lot of marketing research on big companies’ psychographics, and figure out how to get in their heads like they did so well with household consumers.
            I think this move by Apple is a bold one. It is important for Apple to branch out to new consumers, further increasing their customer base, but it is equally important for them to maintain their identity. Apple, with the help of their previous CEO Steve Jobs, has been known for their user-friendly interface and product simplicity. With the additions of business-friendly software, Apple products may become too complex and confuse their household users. However, Apple is joining forces with big time technology companies like Cisco and Microsoft who already have experience with corporate customers.
            This adjustment by Apple can be huge for them, but I fear it can also be fatal. They’re walking a thin line between unlocking a whole new customer base, and tarnishing their identity. Nevertheless, I think they can successfully make the adjustment because they have so much assistance from Microsoft and Cisco, who already have insight on corporate customer’s psychographics. I think if the leap is successful, it will be huge for the corporate world. It will not only elevate their means of working and effectiveness, but it would also create an influx of software developers working for Apple, one of the most recognizable companies in the world.

Griffin Nesfield


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  1. It is smart for Apple to move into finance and energy sectors. New up and coming industries such as these have plenty of room for progressive ideas and products. Apple is behind the scenes coming up with an electric car. A cheap and sleek vehicle that has energy efficiency might take over the market. Also when will apple become a carrier? They need to stop relying on companies like Sprint and AT&T and take another chunk of the industry. Apple is capable of having its hand in all fields of the tech industries within several decades at this rate.


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