Sunday, November 1, 2015

“California Hyperloop Test Track Will Start Construction Soon”

“California Hyperloop Test Track Will Start Construction Soon”
            The Hyperloop is a transportation idea proposed by Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, in 2013. It involves the performance of whisking people between cities in sealed pods through vacuum tubes at breathtaking speeds. It is said that the first test track will begin construction in California soon. It is a five-mile test track and the first of its kind. The goal is to be able to transport passengers at speeds up to 760 miles per hour.
            While this sounds like an awesome and innovating business model, there are many flaws with this plan that need to be analyzed. Firstly, it is very costly. Initial reports estimated the price of the project at $150 million. This is a lot of money for a startup model. This can hurt the culmination of this plan, as it will be difficult to acquire such a considerable amount of money just to get this project started.
            Additionally, there is discussion that this Hyperloop network may not even end up being built here in the United States. Although it is being tested and developed in the United States, it is unlikely that the first full network will be built here. The chief operating officer Bipop Gabrile Gresta stated, “There are other countries that are in a more advanced discussion phase and they have the political will, the lack of infrastructure, a high density of population, and less regulatory problems to make it happen” (Gresta). While this is frustrating for the United States that another country will end up building the network, they may save some costs by involving other countries, which is something that Hyperlook employees will analyze.
            Aside from the regulatory environment around infrastructure, the company has to focus on the testing in the first place. While it is important to analyze the infrastructure and logistics, the company needs a working network before a full Hyperloop can be built. A working Hyperloop and pods need to be invented and the California test track is being build as a planned sustainable community.
            There is also a Hyperloop Pod Competition. This engages the community in brainstorming ideas for the different prototypes for the different types of pods. Once the teams progress past the first stage, a select few will proceed to actually building prototype pods. The winners will be judged by how fast they can go through the test track/tube without crashing and then assessed with a rubric consisting of four different categories. With this engagement, the word will heavily spread. This will drastically increase the awareness of the Hyperloop, which will improve the image of the company. Numerous people will now be thoroughly engaged in the culmination of the Hyperloop and that is crucial in getting the word out for the company. The more people aware about the Hyperloop, the better off the company will be in the creation and implementation of the overall success.



  1. Elon Musk continues to shock the world by continually producing new innovative ideas that will shape the future of our world, such as Tesla, Space X, and the Hyperloop. Hyperloop has the potential to change the transportation industry and propel us further into the future. By creating this type of transportation, it could make our current means of transportation obsolete. My question for this system however, is how the hyperloop will work. Will it be powered by magnetism propelling the pod forwards through the system, or will it be powered by some other force? Also, how safe will these pods be travelling at 760 MPH? What will be used to keep passengers safe while using the Hyperloop?

  2. I think that this innovation developed by Musk is undoubtedly amazing and unlike anything ever created before. It seems ideal in theory but unfortunately, theory is not reality. Some concerns I have for the Hyperloop involve safety. When traveling at speeds of up to 760 miles per hour, if something were to go wrong or fails, the passengers would absolutely be seriously injured. Another concern of mine is the sector of the market that would use this service. Since the cost of implementation of the Hyperloop is high, it would only make sense that the cost of use would be high as well. Therefore, since so many people already have ways of transportation and that this process is a safety risk, I am concerned that this product will not be very successful or highly demanded. Finally, the transportation market is currently a huge market in our economy and, like Andrew said, if this product were to be successful it could make our current products obsolete. As a result, what would happen to the current market? Would it be damaged by the introduction of this new product? The Hyperloop initially sounds groundbreaking and something that could change everyday lives, however, some of the concerns that it creates require attention before anything is implemented.


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