Sunday, November 1, 2015

Mobile App Designed to Solve Problems for Golfers

31 old year old entrepreneur Jason Pearsall has developed a mobile application called Golfer to help create a much more pleasant experience for people on participating golf courses. Since this is mostly a start up venture, at the moment the company has deals with more that 20 courses across the nation and is hoping to expand their market. The app itself offers the traditional features that you would expect would come with an app such as this such as weather updates and the amount of people in front of you on the course, but it also offers the convenience of ordering food and drinks from the clubhouse to be delivered to them right on the course via golf-cart courier. In an interview with Pearsall, he laid out the main features of the app;
The golfers are able to order food and beverage, as well as golf merchandise, anywhere on the course using their phone. Or they can preorder things. You pay by credit card through the app. We've also combined all the core features of the other apps: range finder, weather, messaging, scorecard and leader board. In the United States, 90% of core golfers -- people who play more than 25 rounds of golf a year and they make up 75% of the rounds played -- have identified the largest problem in golf is pace of play. Technology can monitor pace of play and notify the course. The goal is to equip golf courses so they can address a problem.”
Since the company, based out of Detroit, and the app are relatively new, there has not been much of a generation in revenue. Pearsall is hopefully though that his app will begin to turn a profit “by the middle of next year.” (Pearsall, 2015) through the deals he and his company are looking in to with other golf courses across the United States.

As someone who likes to play golf on occasions with friends or family members, I would find this app very useful. It’s difficult many times to determine who is in front of you and who is in back of you whilst playing a round of golf. Sometimes you feel very rushed when you know that there is another group of people waiting to play on the hole you’re playing on or you feel very bored as you’re waiting to play on the hole the people in front of you are playing on. This app will help determine the pace of play that will relieve many people of those burdens.

Witsil, Frank. "Mobile App Designed to Solve Problems for Golfers." Detroit Free Press. Gannett Company, 31 Oct. 2015. Web. 01 Nov. 2015.


  1. In my opinion, this app is a really good idea. I agree that it would be helping to know who is in front of you and who is behind you. Some suggestions for the app would be for it to be able to help you out while playing golf as well, such as determining how far away from the hole you are. In addition, a course wide group chat may be helpful in case people want you to play through them. All in all, I think this is a great idea and hope to see it used on many courses soon.

  2. I think that this app is somewhat unnecessary. As a regular golfer, I do not see a real reason for this app to be widely used, because it is implementing tech where tech is unneeded. If a group wants to play through because they are faster or better, the group ahead should already have the proper etiquette to let them through. Merchandise and food can wait, so ordering through the app is just a little to much. As a whole, this app is an unnecessary use of time and company resources to produce and distribute.


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