Monday, February 22, 2016

Cisco announces collaboration with Intel and Ericsson to develop 5G technology

Earlier today, at the GSMA Mobile World Congress, industrial leader; Cisco, announced that it will be collaborating with Ericsson and Intel to bring the industries next step in mobile networks; 5G mobile network routers. This is the fifth generation mobile network router, and this new advancement is going to be available thanks to a partnership between Cisco, Ericsson, Intel, and the cellular-carrier Verizon.  The development of this new router is a crucial step in trying to accommodate the future explosion in Internet use. The collaboration between Cisco, Ericsson, and Intel along with the partnership with Verizon will offer: secure, and ultra-fast wireless bandwidth/connectivity.  
The expansion of 5G networks is going to have a tremendous effect on business and consumers. For example, information from Cisco Visual Networking Index™ released earlier this month states: “The surge in mobile users, smart devices and machine-to-machine (M2M) connections is expected to increase mobile traffic eight-fold over the next five years.” The development of 5G for the consumer, means lightning fast internet speeds, high-speed mobile video download times, and, crystal-clear face-to-face video chatting. Furthermore, Businesses will benefit from 5G connectivity in several different areas. With the introduction of 5G, the high speed connection will allow Businesses to interview potential employees through video interview. Also, this allows for high-quality International video conversations.  
This tremendous expansion in network and data use requires a network that can handle the accelerating growth. But, with the expansion into 5G network comes with a price. 5G technology will allegedly be fifty-times faster than 4G. The amount of data that comes along with that speed is going to cost substantially then current 4G technology. As wireless speeds become faster, consumer data usage will increase. Unfortunately, some consumers will not be able to obtain 5G technology because of the price that will come with 5G. The cost factor is the downside of 5G technology, but the possibilities that it brings for the consumer and business world are worth the price-tag.
The collaboration between Cisco, Ericsson, and Intel; followed by the partnership with Verizon is foundation the next decades network. This will generate billions of dollars of revenue for all of the Businesses involved. It is also setting the companies ahead of their competition, which gives them a more valuable market segment. In conclusion, I felt that the development of 5G technology forgets about the consumers that are not wealthy. The technology gives way to more opportunities then it closes

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