Monday, February 22, 2016

Cornerstone Information Systems

Cornerstone Information Systems (CIS), a primary provider world-wide for developing intelligent automation technology and innovative solutions for travelers, companies, and their customers, recently announced the official launch of TravelOptix. TravelOptix motto is “Analytics Through Your Lens.” This is a very fitting slogan because it concisely gets the point across that this product is a user-friendly data analytics platform that optimizes travel management business and helps regulate their travel spend. This new technology allows the user to choose their own visualizations, data sources, and viewing device, as well as being able to highlight information and insights critical to their own business.

The four aspects that separates TravelOptix from any other travel data analytics and visualization solutions out right now is: “intuitive customizable visualizations that reveal hidden insights; multi-source integration for a single analytics platform; mobile integration to view insights anytime and anywhere; and robust storytelling tools that let you efficiently collaborate.” The custom visualization tool that this product possesses essentially allows anyone to analyze or architect his or her data, as the user chooses the level of sophistication. TravelOptix is also unique as it allows the user to load data from basically any data source. The design TravelOptix came up with automatically adjusts to your screen as well, giving you the best experience on any device. Lastly, TravelOptix includes a presentation tool that allows the user to build a presentation without switching programs, giving them the ability to do everything in one place. As Matt Orrego, the CEO of Cornerstone put it; “TravelOptix delivers a single solution to explore virtually all your data from any angle and at any granularity to reach real insights, fast. Even with little or no prior experience.”

The articles I looked at goes into respectable detail about what TravelOptix actually is and does, but I would have liked to know exactly what product or products it is taking place of. It will also be interesting to find out if this technology will be able to be used in other business fields, not just for travel companies. The article also states that TravelOptix was developed last year and is out of beta, but I was not able to find out how the product has done thus far. It could be because it has not been released long enough yet, as Cornerstone will still be showing live demos of the product at Travel Technology Europe 2016 in London later this week.

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