Monday, February 22, 2016

University of Surrey researchers are exploring 5G as a New Frontier for Mobile Carriers and Tech Companies

Over the last couple of years fourth-generation technology has been the most efficient wireless cellular phone network. 4G network allows for users to browse, download and stream information at a fast rate of about eight minutes depending on the content of the information. In Guildford England, researchers at the University of Surrey  are collaborating with some of the biggest tech companies like Samsung, to offer a faster mobile network called fifth-generation. This mobile network is expected to be completed in 2018 will be faster than any another network currently in the world. 

One of the major points that I want to highlight  regarding this new innovation technology in progress is that it can download long video content in less than five minutes. Compared to the current fourth-generation network, 5G network would be seen as a big leap for technology and the various companies that will benefit from using. I like that it is not limited to only smartphones and tablets so companies that connect to this network can link various devices such a sensors and automakers. This could possibly make it cost efficient because consumers are open to use it on several devices. It is good to know that some of this technology has been successfully tested in the lab because it prove that it has potential even though it is yet to be used in the real world

Another point that I noted to be important is that there is a competition amongst various tech companies such as AT&T and Google to determine who will be successful in introducing the next-generation of ‘ultrafast wireless technology’. Billions of dollars are said to have been invested into the research by telecommunications equipment makers who are hoping to uphold a contract to revamp their mobile communication infrastructure. Such investments shows that not only is the world ready to experience this new technology but it also signifies how useful it will be to the many companies hoping to utilise the product.

Finally, the third important point I found to be interesting other than its usefulness and potential is how this 5G networked would be operated and shared amongst the different countries A possible problem that the network may face is how the user networks will communicate without the radio waves colliding when traveling overseas. With such a high speed internet network the about of information travel will multiply tremendously that the information could obstruct one another. It will require negotiations amongst other corporations and nations about how to operate and use it fairly which may take a long period. 

The article was successful in explaining how the fifth-generation network can be utilized and how it differs from  other  networks. It is however clear from the article that many corporations are racing to create this technology first, so the likelihood of the University to be the first in completing it first is unknown.


  1. I believe that 5G will be one of the most significant technological advances in the next few years, and I agree with the fact that 5G's ultra-fast download speeds will be very beneficial for society. However, I do believe that this explanation of 5G underplays the significance of the technology. One of the most significant implications of 5G is that it will be able to provide a connection with practically no latency issues, allowing for seamless communication between devices on the network. This will allow for the integration and use of many new technologies, including self-driving cars and remote surgical tools, which previously would have posed a great safety hazard due to the latency issues present in 4G and LTE. Similarly, businesses will be able to maintain constantly updated communication between several locations, eliminating possible miscommunication or misinformation errors. While 5G certainly will be wonderful for its improved speeds, it will be useful for many other reasons, which could have been expanded upon.

  2. The creation of a fifth-generation network will be significant for all those in society using a high speed connection. It will both benefit businesses and civilians. A business man may need this to quickly close a business deal, while a civilian could utilize this updated connection for those everyday needs that could be done more efficiently with a faster, more advanced network service. Currently the 4G network offers an incredibly fast speed, especially in comparison to even what we as a society were using only 5 years ago.
    While this is clearly a significant and important advancement in technology, but that does not mean that it will be quickly or easily implemented into society. First of all, people will have to buy the newer items with this technology in it. For example, if someone still owns an IPhone 4 today, they only have 3G, not even 4G. This will create a barrier for those who do not have enough money to go and buy a new product for the better network. In addition, it was not addressed if this technology would run at a higher price, such as a cost increase on products with 5G.


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